World 41 - PP farming or general TW learning

Hello guys, gals, children and Trolls.

So instead of making it long winded I'm going to make it as short as possible. Since I've come back at 32(account was used between 13 and 32 but not by me) I've seen people complaining about PP usage, same cliques and same end game results along with blaming the server. I initially left with all of the PP stuff coming in and pushing toward P2W but bringing in the ability to farm it has completely balanced it out so complaining about P2W is pointless and unnecessary. To prove the point about P2W for Lols I made growthspurt account on 39 and you'll see it every start up for awhile as long as time permits to push and then make all PP back with profit and repeat while allowing me to troll for amusement.

The main reason for this post is that I intend to join w41 to PP farm as I said and anyone interested in learning how to do it effectively or has interest in learning any aspect of the game is welcome to join with me and I'll help you out along with bringing a few friends to help me depending on how many want to expand their skills and gain PP for W42 or knowledge for future world's. I'm happy to teach 10,20,50 or 100 on W41, the more everyone knows the more everyone can compete and the more interesting a world is.

Anyone interested in discussing further about either world just add me on skype (kyle-ctw) and we can chat about it.

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I'll join as well. I stopped playing TW for awhile and came back to hearing about this PP farming but have yet to learn how to do it efficiently. Would be enjoy learning more.