World 6 end game math / prediction


Hey, this is my first real post with numbers and an attempt to pull it together into a coherent point. I'm new to w6. But not to TW. I played here (.us) back in the early world 1 but real life made me quit tw. I spent a lot of time on .net. Most notably on w31.

This is a bit of what I feel I have "learned" about tw and some math to support it.

Sorry if your eyes glaze over.

Math: Numbers "rounded/estimated" for ease of maths.

According to TW today. Void owns 56% of the points of the top 20 tribes. specifically 113.446.807 Void and 200.392.027 for the total.

(Since these tribes include as few as 1 player I figure the rest can be neglected from the equation since the ballpark numbers will more than make my point.)

This means to get 75% of the villages [now] Void needs today 150.294.020 total points. Or 36.847.213 more.

-This math applies to DLR or any tribe as well. DLR has 47.615.031 needs to get to 150.294.020 thus has to add 102.678.989.

Over The past month. VOID vs. "the world." (other top 20 tribes)

You'll see VOID has only gained 6.733.968 vs the other side.

Which is only 5.5 months to "win total." Assuming the world is not growing in points due to barb taking, which it is. The more barbs that are taken, the more the target number climbs. Inversely : The more active player villages taken, the fewer enemy barbs are taken, the fewer void villages are taken, and thus the target number holds more steady. Taking from active already counted villages increases the percentage gained per month.

By my counts VOID took over 100 barb villages this month. Increasing the total to reach on themselves..
And the rest of the tribes were no better. Unless they were intending to slog this down.

I'd suggest as always, let your opponent take barbs. Then take his fully built village with the academy and army already in it. While you rebuild nukes and nobles in your ready villages, he'll be building the barb and unable to noble (with that new one.) You now have two villages to take new villages with sooner than he has 1.... See how that works the next round?

You take two new, he maybe takes one. Then you have 4 he has 2. 8 then 3. 16 then 4.

Side 1:
Tribes: VOID
Side 2:
Tribes: Valid, DLR, BK, Quash, LoD, PTsd, SCU, IDV8, United, 241087, kmen, Art, ~SA~, SATG2, Minion, RUBLO, Friend, Hi, bughy

Timeframe: Last month

Total conquers:

Side 1: 1,261
Side 2: 1,990
Difference: 729


Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 874
Side 2: 76
Difference: 798


Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 10,870,852
Side 2: 11,012,569
Difference: 141,717


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 7,421,229
Side 2: 687,261
Difference: 6,733,968


Please feel free to ask questions or for clarifications. I wasn't sure what to add / leave out in bits and didn't want to totally over-whelm everyone all at once.


good breakdown UP
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What world will end first? *US6 or US8? *US6 has a 75% dominance win condition. *US8 has a 60% dominance win condition. *

Statistics World 6

» Guest access » World settingsNumber of players: 544
Total villages: 49.770 (91.49 per player)
Player villages: 22.920

Statistics World 8

» Guest access » World settingsNumber of players: 567
Total villages: 66.484 (117.26 per player)
Player villages: 42.250

Seems US8 is a more played world. *

I predict US8 ends before US6. *2HARD sit at about 47% or so there currently. *I believe VOID sits at 57%. *Its a 13% race to the finish!


i think 8 will probably end 1st. few reasons why....

bigger barbs, more tribe members and family, no ice cold.


I think w10 will beat w6 with a 100% win condition because no ice cold.


if yous plan on hugging, theres nothing you can't accomplish :)



US8 2HARD sitting at 58% and climbing fast now. *End game should start before long.



Void still has only 13 members and owns over 60%.
hooray for fighting to win a world!


Update on US8:
Subject The end phase of this world has started!
Sent Mar 06, 2014 16:12:34
The tribe HARD AS NAILS now controls 60% of all player-owned villages in this world. The 90 day end phase has now begun.
The world will close after the end phase unless there are significant conflicts.
The beginning of the end phase will bring the following changes:
A restart after a total ennoblement is no longer possible.
The nobleman prices were halved.
This world will be closed after 90 days.

May you guys find peace on us6 soon :D


Tanto lavoro ,per essere traditi dalla stessa tribe, vendere i propri player alla tribe alleata per finire il w 6 , che schifo mi viene il vomito pensare a questo , una strategia con la m.