WW3 in Hong Kong

Who will win?

  • FreeHK

  • RT+PB&J-fam

  • Mass Delete

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It's another sunny day in Hong Kong, an exhausted policeman, tired from hours of beating innocent protestors is on his break, after much deliberation he decides he will try and see what capitalism brings to the table, by trying an American classic, peanut butter and jelly. He prepares his sandwich, having completed his masterpiece the policeman set about eating it, going to take the first bite of what he could only assume would be a delicious snack, he was shocked when he bit into a bland and unfulfilling slab of bread. He could barely believe it, had the people of Hong Kong lied in their talks of how great this sandwich could be? Surely not he thought, and so he set about making another sandwich. Slathering as much peanut butter and jelly as he can find onto the bread, going so far as to end up needing to make 4 whole sandwiches just to contain all the goodness. Unfortunately for the poor man he had so overfilled his sandwiches in a desperate attempt to make up for the complete lack of quality in his ingredients that the sandwiches were soggy, and fell apart in his hand as he went to pick them up. It was at this moment poor policeman Blend knew that the people of Hong Kong had defeated him once more, he ran into the loving arms of his wife, wick3d, who comforted him, letting him know there was always a next time to make PB&J.


I hope you'll all enjoy some fun in this world, it has been too quite.

FreeHK Vs RT/PB&J-fam

Let's share some meme, r@g3,... but always be nice to each other



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:D Absolutely fantastic, old fashioned PnP. Now the question is will they return with an answer to yours?? We shall wait and see. Thanks for the smiles..


For the ones following this war; The first OP from FreeHK was a big flop.
Some villages were taken (that were a little too far for PB-family & RT) to defend;
At least FreeHK showed some good coordination, a solid OP but PB-family & RT defense was too solid.

2 weeks later RT/FreeHK front didn't change, but FreeHK thanks to Sjot & Aura determination grabbed some villages from PB-family and are growing to their core.

It seems PB-family needs RT to carry them if they still want to be around over few months... ;)

Maybe we can get some news from the other side next time