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How do I change my email address for logging onto this forum ?
is it illegal to send ram trains that tag as nobles? not only a 1/100th second gap between attacks but actually travel at noble speed but attack contains no nobles? This was done to me and i was beside myself as to how its possible.....Until then i believed to have known about most functions of this game but am now feeling humbled by my clear ignorance of this function.....
Can you please send us a ticket to the support system as we are unsure what you are asking.?
per note on winning of caption contest number 1: please send to account of abby58 on world 33. thx.
hey man. im looking to gather experienced , active players for my preamde for w100.
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Kawoni, I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass! Sweeney Newbie, Centurion Noob, Gotti is the best and i'm drunk