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    W55 opening feedback
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    W55 opening feedback

    @kawoni The base production is 45... Which is 1.5X production Will this be reduced to 30 before world start? Didn't see 1.5x production mentioned in announcements.
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    Castle Assault Visualization/Guide

    The Castle Assault Event is pretty fun for F2P users, however for big spenders this event usually comes at a disadvantage to most as it relies on a whole group to complete and spending can become extremely costly. Item in this event are also quite amazing and not often found in other events...
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    "I play fair btw"

    I have more bashers, thank u very much noob
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    "I play fair btw"

    i did notice a ton of those bot acounts, all similar scavenging, and clearly illegal. I would hesitate to think they're Pearly's though, never thought him much of a cheater. If he's receiving reports from them though that is odd.
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    w51 opening feedback

    @kawoni I think the Res production is bugged. Base production is 45 instead of 30 (Like us50) but never mentioned :P
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    World 51 opening soon 1-13-21

    It seems some received quests and some did not... clearly giving a portion of individuals an unfair advantage. I'm not playing world 51 but leaning on the side of fairness it would seem restarting it would be the way to go. Not sure if TW has it in their capacity to do something like that though.
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    Banana Declares WAR on ...

    What is this joke
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    World 50 discussion

    I'd suggest adding some more barb/bonus to world since it's non-pp AND non-scav to add some more resource generation for farming Currently it's 12/10 or .22 barbs per player in the world. 20/20 would be really nice and help speed up the pace a little bit especially with farming being the...
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    W50 settings - what the people want

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    W50 settings - what the people want

    I still don't think New players would enjoy a world without watchtower. It's quite hilarious to see how easily players... even those who boast their world win banners with pride fall to non-watchtower catapults and timed incomings. No steam player is going to be interested in a continued...
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    Defenders of the Inner Castle Guide

    Current Optimized strategy averages above 500 Stolen Goods per run. (Averaged 752 from sample size of 25) (Lowest 5x sample size returned 532 Stolen Goods) Video 1 Example Video 2 Example