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    We're very proud and excited to announce that a new version of Tribal Wars will soon be available. Over the past year we've listened to the feedback from new and old players alike and hope everyone will enjoy the changes we've made. Existing players will enjoy comprehensive upgrades to the war stats feature, a pre-registration system for new worlds and a tribal attack planner. New players will learn about the game through a series of small mini-quests introducing them to the game. For all players, we've also introduced a new Secrets of Powers scenario for ending worlds.

    As with all updates to Tribal Wars, we'll be starting a new world along with the new version before updating our existing worlds. World 5 will be opening on the 12th December 2011 . Details found here.

    Any questions or feedback? We welcome it in our feedback thread.

    Revamped Invitation System

    - World preregistration - Further information found here.
    - Invite friends to spawn in your area

    World Endings

    - Secrets of Power world ending scenario - Further information found here.


    - Quest-based guiding system

    In an effort to make the game more accessible for newer players, we have created a new quest-based guidance system. Players will be giving objectives to fulfill (Example: Build barracks) and rewarded for their efforts. Among other things, they will be introduced to essential game mechanics and taught the importance of troops, farming and communication with others.

    Rebalanced Start

    - Early buildings take a drastically reduced amount of time to construct.

    To make the very early game a bit more dynamic, we've taken the liberty of drastically reducing the building times for most low-level buildings, allowing for a faster first few days. The counter-balance is that at higher levels buildings will take slightly longer to construct.


    - Tribal Coordination Planner [PA]
    - Resizable Minimap [PA]
    - Loads last viewed location upon refresh
    - Tribe tag added to claim info [PA]

    The most obvious new feature is the addition of a War Planning map mode, which allows the leadership of a tribe to select and assign certain villages on the map to certain members of the tribe, to aid in war planning. These selections can then be viewed by all other members of the tribe, and be acted upon accordingly. If you want to take your planning to the internal forum, the coordinates of the selected villages can be exported - pre-wrapped in the necessary bb codes.

    Tribe Wars

    - Multi-tribe wars
    - More graphs
    - War ranking

    We've made a significant number of changes to the Tribe Wars system, after the great reception it received in Version 7. First of all, multiple tribes will now be able to participate and have their stats recorded in a single war. The war will still be initiated as a conflict between two tribes but additional tribes can be invited to join on one side or the other. Once in, a tribe won't be able to pull out - they will only be released from the stats either when the war is over or peace has been declared. Only the leaders of the two original tribes can decide about inviting other tribes to participate or call for peace - the rest will be notified by a report.

    Secondly, we've added two new types of graphs (stats v. time) among other displays and functionalities to the War Stats pages. Don't worry, the old display mode is still available if you're missing it. We've also added a new tab to the rankings page so that the rest of the world can see which tribes are really delivering on their threats of annihilation, and how well.


    - "Click-to-sort" functionality added to most columns [PA]
    - More filters in commands overview for removing villages with no relevant commands [PA]

    BB Codes

    - [claim] code
    - [building] code
    - more buttons added for inserting

    Account Manager / Farm Assistant

    - Village loyalty widget added to AM overview [AM]
    - Trade route editing & arrival time specification [AM]
    - Many Farm Assistant improvements [AM/FA]

    Farm Assistant improvements: For one, you can now see the latest wall and resource information there, as well as directly delete reports from that page. It will now also only show the very latest report from a certain village to avoid accidentally sending multiple attacks to the same village. Lastly, added an option to display only villages attacked from the currently selected village to increase your farming efficiency.

    Village Overview

    - Information boxes can be reordered or hidden
    - Info box added for HQ building queue [PA]


    - Extensive filters [PA]
    - Red/blue result dot ([​IMG])
    - Hide coordinate info when publishing


    - Noble Planner log
    - "Thanks" button
    - World ranking on member page
    - More pre-made mailing lists


    - Command confirmation "OK" focussed automatically
    - Carrying capacity shown on command confirmation page
    - Notebook docking to top of screen [PA]
    - Village list popup persistent across page reloads [PA]
    - Supporting troops info shown on village info page [PA]
    - Mass checkbox selection (hold down mouse button and drag across checkboxes)
    - "Previous" button for rallypoint
    - Mass cancelling of recruitment orders
    - Smithy queue reordering [PA]


    - New Award: Wall Breaker
    - Merged several old ignore tools into one
    - Demolish button in HQ no longer selectable when loyalty < 100
    - "Show all buildings" checkbox in HQ activated by default
    - Randomised the list of village spawning directions.
    - Group selection to the "neighboring villages" page [PA]
    - Button to empty all simulator boxes.
    - "Login in current window" account sitting option
    - Quickbar Link/script input box can now be resized. [PA]
    - Market offers can now be edited
    - The "hide full villages" Mass Recruitment function now pays attention to the buffer [PA]
    - Added more information to "nobleman whereabouts" popup in academy [PA]
    - "Warehouse almost full" colour for resource displays

    Please feel free to offer feedback or ask questions HERE.
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    All remaining worlds should be updated to version 8 today. A small downtime may occur.