A rule change id like to see....


I would really like to see tribal wars start turning off barb nobling so far into a world. This world along with many others I have played you get tribes and players who noble only barb villages to prolong the world. The point of the game is attacking and defending against other players, and since it seems most can't seem to do that, they should be forced to. The fastest way to improve is by taking on other players, so in the end by eliminating barb nobling so many months into a world, you will start to get more quality players, as the barb noblers will have no choice but to fight real players and hopefully by doing so they improve as players. There is no questions that this makes it so many tribes will not try to 100% a world, its nearly impossible when players can eat 20 barbs in a day with no troop loss, there is no penalty for it. Hell...could even penalize players for barb nobling, decreased palladin %, on flag worlds you lose flags for taking a barb, or to make it fair on all worlds, decreased coins/packets for nobling barbs.