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My advice is to make an international WORLD, for all servers. You will be able to connect this WORLD form all servers. In main menu in poland server there will be some poland worlds and INTERNATIONAL WORLD, on german server - german worlds and INTERNATIONAL WORLD and if you connect this world from poland server, you have game in polish language, from german in german language from russian in russian language and so on. Also when you press rating there are nicknames and on rightside - country, where person comes from, you will be able to turn it off in your profile.
For example, there are 25k players on pl, 15k de, 15k net, 4.5k nl, 10k br, 10k pt, 7k cz, 4k ru, 5k ro, 2k gr, 3.5k sk, 3k hu, 2.5k it, 10k org, 3k fr, 4k es, 2.5k uk, 2k us - its number of players in the newest worlds on each servers ( didnt count srvers with less than 1k players ). Here are nearly 120k of people, only in the newest worlds on each server.
Imagine, we start INTERNATIONAL WORLD (everything about it i wrote above ), we need to make pre-registration a week before the world stasrts, because people need to see it. Also, why did i count players? Look at world 124 in poland server - there are 90k of villages and 27 continent world, now we have 120 k of villages on INTERNATIONL WORLD and + 10k of barbarians, so its 130kof villages, so if we use maths we can see, that in INTERNATIONAL WORLD will have nearly 40 continents just after the beginning of the world, in first hours.
Now we go to the net world 101, and we see that there are 9k villages on 4th day, on 1st day there were 6k villages. Now we go to the world 99, and we see 28k villages. We can see that the world is bigger in 4.5 times. So, our INTERNATIONAL WORLD will have 100 continets full of players in 2-3 weeks and registration to connect world ends. Also we can make 250-300 people in tribe and world speed 2.5, so it will be normaly long, 450-500 days. Domination - 65% and the winning tribe need to have 330 k villages, 1300 villages per player and with speed 2.5. When in worlds with spped 1 people have 200 villages on 13th place on 171st day, so in world with 2.5 speed they will have 500 and on 400 day nearly 2000, so we will have 3 worlds opened at one time and 40k players palying there, because old world will have only 3-4k players.
Than what about donation and other things. Its easy, imagine you have 20k of online players in this INTERNATIONAL WORLD, just no premium exchange, only premium account, but it costs 3 dollars per month, the same with account manager and Loot Assistant. I think some people will have all this 3 items used, some people wont buy anything, but we do this 20000*3 = 60k dollars a month and i think its enough, also no +20% wood production, because it wont be balanced.
Than what about people who leave their servers and go on INTERNATIONL WORLD, yes its a problem, but we start such a world 2 times a year and if person is killed in INTERNATIONAL WORLD he connect his worlds on his servers, so simple worlds will be smaller for 30-35%, also new players wont see an INTEERNATIONAL WORLD, because it closes in 20 days, but to look from the oter side, we get perfect worlds with 500k villages or more - its good. Maybe owner of the game will spend some money not on advertising in chrome, but on youtube, ask blogger to do advertisments.


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