Breaking News! Hottest TW Playing Hunk on US17!

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So as many of you know, the loveable ViciousKoala won this contest on us13. Now this competition happens once every 4 worlds. This competition dates back all the way to like 30 seconds before I made this thread for no reason. There were many contenders this world, such as Banesmasher, Obseleet?, Moist Pineapple, and Swendog. Unfortunately for them, they fell just shy of Sweeney. With his unbelievably firm pecs, commendable skills, and devious yet oddly satisfying plans, he takes the top spot on us17!

So don't pout if you were short of making the honorable 5! And don't say you disagree either! Because I know anyone out there with half a brain realizes that Sweeney has what it takes to seduce even the toughest of paladins! (Yes, even with a bonfire). With that being said, the studio has decided to make this an event for each world! That is of course unless the forum moderators IP ban me! So find me in game and give me the details on why you think you should be the winner for us18! You can find me on the KevDawg account if Moist Pineapple isn't an account anymore by the time you message me!

Comment below if you agree, disagree, or think this post might as well be listed under the definition of pointless!

PS: Kawoni if you delete this then you are jealous of Sweeney's triceps
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I have heard that men around the world envy the god that is Sweeney and woman lust after him endlessly.


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I can always close and delete it..........:smack: