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Should you waste population building building you never intend to use? for example lets say i was gonna build a defense village of ALL swords. Shoul dI bother construction a stable or workshop in that village if im never gonna use it? Or should i still construct those "just in case"?

Also I remember a long time ago there was to be something called a "speed world" do those still happen?

In another thread I read classic worlds dont exist anymore and arent coming back? Whats a classic world exactly?. My preferred world is one with no archers/paladins/churches or watchtowers and nobles with packets instead of coins, is that a classic world? If so why did they get rid of them?

Lastly a question about casual worlds. For as long time I thought they were just a neverending world that you cant get nobled out on. Now I understand they actually DO turn into "normal" worlds eventually. So basically theyre world where even if youre a small/weak player you can still survive long enough (without getting rimmed) to build a decent army (i.e ive never gotten 5 villages, before. Id like to finally se what having 10 or 15 is like) and thus be able to put up a decent fight when the "normal" world switch is flipped? If thats how it works I love the sound of that.

After all my main weakeness in any RTS is speed. if a player (whether it ve age of empires, starcraft etc etc) can build and come after me within the first 5-20 mins then Im scrwed, but If im left alone for 30 mins or an hour, then Ive built up enough that they dont stand a chance (or I can hold em off for about 3 hours before soemone finally wins). If a casual world allows me to do that (though (being left alone for 30 mins.. in trbal wars translates to 3 months probably lol) that actually sounds fun

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A few days late to the party but that's TW forums unfortunately, discord is where most of the chat takes place.

Even though its entirely possible that I'll reply and you'll never see it, here it goes.

1. Buildings
Yeah, all buildings are beneficial regardless of Off/Def set up. A strong def unit(HC) requires stable, as does scouts. Workshop may seem useless at first glance in a def unit but used properly 50,100+ cats can be beneficial in a def village when utilised properly but that's another topic. Main point being the village build shouldn't vary much based on what you're building in the village right now. Who knows, a few weeks down the line you may want to swap it from off - def or from def - off when those troops die, you don't want to get held up by having to level up the buildings first.

Classic Worlds
By this do you mean masters or old classic non PP settings? 3 month classics still run on other servers. A no PP world is W50 which is similar to the settings you've mentioned but it's well established unfortunately so the timing was a bit off.

Speed worlds & Casual
Speed worlds do still happen but not on this server, you'll find them on .net,.uk used to run them and may still but I'm not very familiar with UK so couldn't say for certain.

Casual worlds are based off a ratio from attacker to defender, you'll still be able to attack people your own size and in return, be attacked by people similar to your own size. It's a 20% ratio system so yeah join up and enjoy.