Co Player Needed


Looking for a co-player to play on us.17 with me

Account : FearTheNight
Tribe : CREAM
Position : Top 5 Global -- In K44
Times : Will share after contact. Will accommodate your online times if suitable co

Requirements :

1.) Must have skype
2.) Willing to do things my way.
3.) Have some type of tribal wars experience.

Can teach all other in game necessities. Hit me up in game. or on skype

IGN : FearTheNight
skype : rapeghost23


You are looking for a co? I cant offer you that but I kind of applied to your tribe and I'm willing to do sitting if that's okay with you and cream ;)

I can introduce myself and I have pretty much experience.

Im most of the time online between 01:00 - 20:00 so I can fit much time for you. In special cases Im online after 20:00 too ^^

To give you a quick look who I am:




Hope to hear from you soon.
Gr. M.