Congratulations to 39 US world 13 winners.

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Congratulations to the W13 US server winners 39

1. Maintos Awarded 1000 pp
2. BaneSmasher Awarded 750 pp
3. BossMan07 Awarded 500 pp

All other members of the winning tribe will be awarded 300 pp each.

narnbarflye , Reichsadler , Overkill , fizzytigerlady , copelaa , peacepoacher , baldimore , harol21 , CashMoneyEmpire , firehand , zmwarlord , badwolf , ForzaJuve , booya1 , Arillian , Newflesh , Maximumius , Eidelon , orin526 , Obsequio , Mnementh , tribesMN , Piast , bavarianinnman2 , tidders , Sweeney , jaypauley , hellsangels0131 , radowolf , Rath , Skullkeeper , Meav , Hokage , swilli9495 , lord McScotland , Xxhempxkn1ghtxx

In addition the world forums for US w13 shall be renamed World 39.
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Deleted User - 419875

The world should be closed now and pp awarded soon.


This world name will become very confusing in the future. Anyway, thanks for playing this world everyone. It was fun :).

- Overkill


Thank you to all W13 participants; friends and foes.... It was a good world. Thank you too to Kawoni for putting up with us ( :D ); and the TW team for some interesting new game changes. Some changes were very good, while others were not.

All the best,
Bane AKA Peter


Well I was going to send a tribal circular but the world ended a few hours after going to bed. (Go figure)
I just wanted to say congratulations 39..... We have had many obstacles, tough battles and loss of sleep for some but it's finally done. For some of you its your first world/win for others a mark on your ongoing TW career. I want to thank a few people and I'm going to keep it brief.

First and foremost Andrew my coplayer/ partner in crime we rocked this world thank you for helping me for so long during all the hard times and that 3-4 months of 1k+ incoming. Lol

Next would be the players that started with me from day one. Thanks for sticking around and seeing the end with me. Junk was "the force" to be reckon with and probably one of the best start ups/tribes I've ever played with and even better be a co duke of such a great tribe.

Last but not least my leadership team without you this world could have went into so many different directions. Peace(Jake and Gabe),Copelaa(Rob),piast(Tom), Bane(Peter) and Sweeney. Once we came together we were unstoppable you helped shape the tribe and put in more work when needed and it was a huge relief when creating the final product of 39.

With all that said for some this is good bye for others I'll see you around and to all even our enemies good luck in future worlds.

Thank you,

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Great world all, thanks for the hours of fun. I went MIA during the end but have decided to step back in. Hope to see some of you on future worlds (w19 for me). Cheers!


Even boss didn't mention me i need to say to him a lot of time thanks for the game :) We were great in JUNK but everything went wrong for us. I will miss you a lot mate. Hope to see you soon :) A guy to not forget is Peter and his amazing skills and teamwork. Everybody needs to be proud that you were in our team! Well thanks to all for this world. Had a great start tbh but lack of activity punished me a lot during long-run. Thanks again see you guys on w19 enemies and friends :D Btw guys please noble sweeney he is a noob :p



guys great job on W13, looking forward to repeating!