ESKiYA - E$K!YA vs Lizard - Gecko


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First of all, it's been 15 days since the war started. Battle statistics are as follows.

Players Statistics

player statistics.png

Main Statistics
war summary.png

Before of War - Map
Before Wars.jpg Days of War - Map
15th days.jpg

Best Report

On the 15th day of the war, our overwhelming superiority continued and it would now be attributed to the snowball effect.

But our opponent is using his best weapon.

We are too much for this world. Realizing he couldn't beat us any other way,

Let the world be yours. You are not and will not be our competitors.

Kawoni where is my 1k pp reward?

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Thank you for the feedback.
Can you please refresh my memory on the 1k pp reward you are referring to?
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We respectfully congratulate our opponent. We have decided to delete the account due to problems that we are not aware of. Thanks and good bye everyone... :)