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Hello everyone,

Few months back I heard someone saying there aren't enough CSS files available to us. While Innogames provides us a way to adjust our own overview, we aren't fully using that option. Being from the .nl version we have developped a few CSS files that are being used over there. We also want to publish them over here.

Some CSS files will greatly reduce loading times when (for example) you need to send massive attacks. Others will simply give you an other lay out. Or hide the 'unnecessary'.

Right now we offer you the following 2 CSS files. In future, we wish to publish more 'theme-based' files. Such as perhaps a Game of Thrones theme inserted into tribalwars. (this is currently in development).

Anyhow. Let's go

Insert the following codes in 'Path to CSS' in your game settings.
Then. Press ctrl + f5 to load the pages in your cache. :)
1 - Removing update 8.30 options


  1. Small profile pics in ranking/PM's/forum removed. Improves readability.
  2. OPTIONAL adding color tothe boring PM colors/forum colors
  3. Sets PM fields on the same width. The standard 'space' is removed.
  4. Tabs on the forum are being rounded. Doesn't look so sharp, and it's nicer for the eye.



    This one also removes the knight on the left side. (increasing loading times for slower PC's/internet connections)
    Adjusting the color in PM's if you want. (previous functions are included)


New CSS: Oldskool
And our newest CSS...

Few weeks back I had a friend of mine on .net server asking me to create a CSS that gives us faster loading times. He specifically requested the old 6.5 version of tribalwars. Now, think this version is unknow to the US server, yet.. briefly said:
It reduces the loading times drastically if you need to send a lot of attacks/farms/... you name it. Lay-out is.. meh. We are still working on that. yet, professional TW'ers don't care about lay out ;)

After a few weeks I managed to lay my hands on the old 6.5 CSS files. Sadly, a lot of the code was 'broken'. Together with a small team we managed to get it working again. And since it's now for 2 weeks published on .nl, we also wish to publish it here.

  1. backroll to version 6.5
  2. removing redundant images to minimalise loading times.
  3. PM icon is hidden for as long as you have no new messages. Same for reports. The number of messages will be shown in red
  4. Small profile pics in PM/ranking/forum are also removed to reduce loading times.
  5. PM width: 100%
Tested with 10 people: 8 of them managed to cut loading time while sending attacks in half. ;) Just FYI

Please do give us your feedback. It's only for you guys we are putting our time in this.

Certain requests are also welcome. You have an idea for a nice CSS? Tell us!
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