Leaving.Bye :)


Greetings all.
Due to haing too much of the real life,i personally cant play tw for a while(about 6 months).even in this account i hardly logged in.(once in 2 days).and also Ali has the same issues.and you all know what happens when you are not active and there is no leadership in the account.
ive had much fun playing here,even the small fights which gave some hard time, was really fun.and thats mostly thanks to previous Off members. :)
I also learned a few things which im willing to share:
_No life No tw.plz dont try to fill it with co players or youll fail(how we did).you cant have best of both world ;)
_Never play for ranks.just fun.this is a game.its name is on it .i hate to see how weak some people are when they leave the game when they get cleared or something.for eg we lost a noble train and a Good Nuke at the startup.i never thoght we could ever be rank 1 again ,but in a week we were back.
_if you want to have fun in game,you should have lot of friends as well.so i advise you to join a world with your friend,or find friends soon.

and a few notes to my co players:
Ashkan:Wish i could play with you more
Cent:I loved playing with you.
Ali:Im sure we will play again

Good Luck.and by the way.to those who are thinking about taking my villages,i must say : SNAP OUT OF YOUR DREAM
account will be played but not with US in it.also you cant believe the Incredible amount of support there are in our villages thanks to Mental's awsome members.

I hope to see you guys on w3.oh wait im not joining.but Ali Is.

Bye all XD


I don't know you but it is sad to see good players leaving TW. Good luck staying away ;) I can't seem to do it.


All the best my frend and you come back soon.
Good luck wherever you go!