Name Changing (free)


I think it would be a good idea to allow players to change their name for free once per a world. This allows players to use a name that matches their tribe theme (if it has one) or someone to try and turn a new leaf without giving up all their flags. The US server worlds are flags just about every world (if not every world) So starting a new account every world just isn't logical unless you want to give up flags or spend money to get decent ones for start up. (if once per a world is not manageable, maybe once a year?)

Now if someone wants to change their name halfway through the world then yes it should cost them money but you should also lower the price. You are pretty much asking players to pay $10 to change their name which is a bit crazy for a game like TW where making new accounts happen so often. I think 200 pp would be even far stretched, but atleast then Almost everyone can afford to pay $5 to do it.I just think its crazy that you pay 500pp to change a name but 200pp for premium for a month.

Lets make name changes free, and make TW great again ;)