Potential Top Players


Based on growth, experience, location , tribe and so on, who is the 5 players you think have potential to be the top players in this world?

This is my potential top 5 players list

1. Whinny The Pooh
2. Nowhere in the sun
3. Digs
4. Killerjedi
5. Pelinjo

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1. Pelinjo
2. Tomaraya
3. Fatner
4. Whinny The Pooh
5. Romu(?)


1. Digs, he recently had farm 11 and got destroyed by a bunch of plebs. Rly good player Kappa 123
2. Romu, nobling a bunch of barbs.
3. Meowmix12, hes writing alot of next lvl pms.
4. Mauler, on the list even tho hes not playing here.
5. SamBow93, nobling barbs.


1. W.1.C.K.3.D - He's been a powerhouse on every world he's committed to, and I see no reason why this world should be any different.
2. Tomaraya - If he hits five villages without getting cut down early, he'll be unstoppable.
3. Herro - This guy's growth pattern... is that even possible???
4. Doge - It's a little bit of a stretch, but he's got the early jumpstart and he's in an area with quite a few ripe targets for future expansion.
5. *Phenomenal* - Again... solid player, great expansion zone. Likely going to be a long-term threat.