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Since noone is making the start ill do it,lets make this forum more alive!so on this forum we will discuss who we think will close each continent and why.Lets not destroy this post pls.

ill start with my continent k54 here i think we will have an easy run but i dont know in which cont will kiss tribe move on,i dont know them but looking at their ranking on farming etc they seem that they know the game.
Bratva for k54

k44 same story here ,easy run for wheres depends on kiss in which cont will move

k55 now theres where the party begins.from first look u see not that much good players there except honest ones BUT I dont know why,maybe steve wanted to close 2 continents at once?maybe he was just unlucky?maybe he risked?I think that was a bad decision from him (prove me wrong) and will eventually lose on this continent because it seems that he have many enemys there and a lot of around him and his members,so if steves or honest tribe dont have like spies,boosts,any hiden academy i think they are done from that cont so here i pick Sins and all the other tribes that will work together agaist them

here the things are complicated as well,again bad location from honest tribe,u are all around the continent,the world is slow though and sab tribe its in the middle of your tribe and seperate u apart,but i think u will win that continent so here i pick honest

Feel free to say your opinion as well,no hate at all,i was trying to be as fair as possible!