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Inga no Kusari

The Community Section

This forum section is made solely for posting about and recruiting to premade tribes for any world.
All rules apply here, and there are also a few extra to take note of.

Premade threads with inappropriate names will be deleted immediately and appropriate action will be taken against the poster.

Intense flaming and personal insults whether directed at an individual or a future tribe are not acceptable.

Double posting, one worded posts, and starting conversations about irrelevant things are not allowed.

Making a thread asking to join a premade will be locked immediately.
It would be far to cluttered if everyone made a thread everytime they wanted into a premade.

'Joke' (aka spam) premade threads are not allowed.

If you feel that there are posters that are breaking the rules (spamming, swearing..etc) you don't point this out in the
thread itself. Please make use of the report function that is available to all users instead.

The SmashNasty

I'd also like to add on that if your thread becomes inactive, and I have any doubt that the said premade will not be taking place, I will post, and give the thread creator 72 hours in order to respond verifying that either the premade will or will not take place. I do not want to see legitimate players attempting to join illegitimate tribes.

Not open for further replies.