Short notice on attack break hmmmm

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this is unfair to post attack break 2 days before when people attack 100 hours out maybe tribalwars staff should consider the world knowing the Holiday occurs every year on the same date and the x-mas breaks r announced in a more fashionable way.

Tribal Wars team on 22.11. at 07:42
On November the 24th, we will have an attack break for 24 hours starting 24/11/11 at 00:00 for Thanksgiving.

During this time any troops you send to farm or attack will only visit other villages. No hauls or damage will occur.

Fear not if this leaves you with time on your hands and you don't know what to do !

We would love you to participate in our fun competition to take a Turkey related picture that is inventive and hopefully give us some giggles . Further information found here
There are Premium Point prizes for the winners.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving !

Tribal Wars .US Team.


I agree, but shouldn't this be on the general forums rather than world 3? :eek:


Yes, there was a short notice on the attack break. Though there is already a thread in the general section about this. No need for this thread, so I shall lock it.
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