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Join the Fight on Tribal Wars US Server W72!

Warriors and Allies of TBD , it's time to rise and defend our honor against the treacherous tribe, Only Fangs! ️⚔️

Here's the real deal about our enemies:

  1. Copycat is COPE central! Their so-called "strategist" is desperately trying to keep up but is failing miserably. All they do is cope, cope, cope! Don't be deceived by their empty tactics and desperate moves.
  2. Helesta is a FAKE! That's right, their "leader" is nothing but a bot, a lifeless machine pretending to have control. The deception is real, but we see through it. Only Fangs is a house of cards ready to collapse!
  3. Sweeney’s tragic fate! Sweeney broke his leg due to a voodoo curse! The chaos within Only Fangs knows no bounds. They can't even protect their own from dark magic. What kind of tribe is this?
  4. Noobs on the run! Only Fangs are so outmatched that they have to restart after getting a rim job. They thought they could challenge us, but they were wrong. TBD stands tall while they scurry to the edges, defeated and humiliated.
To all the warriors of TBD and our Allies: our enemy is weak, fractured, and desperate. We have the strength, the unity, and the courage to prevail.


#VictoryForTBD #CrushOnlyFangs #WEWILLHERE

Coco and Co

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Can I get a reply to this :) Or we gonna Ignore this .....
You're a noob

Hello why is a player allowed to say noobs on the run ?

Noob Slang: Usually Disparaging. a newbie, especially a person who is new to an online community and whose online participation and interactions display a lack of skill or knowledge:

how can someone who manages tickets on usa server allow this to posted here.

Only reason I'm pointing this out now is because players on our side are being reported by tbd for village names and our member has been given ban. I am not gonna disclose any ticket information which has happened in game (the ban is public knowledge) but to ban one player for a village name is out outrages , This shows bias from the mod and to have an attackable ban is wild . Do not delete my post on this thread .


I am not part of the support team but I would love to shine some light on the situation.

Discovering a screenshot from one of my players to learn where they work, even if it is just the city as a joke, is already a bit ridiculous. BUT to make what you found out your village name to show where he works, that is called Doxxing. It is not something I think anyone on ANY side would think is ok. This is an online game, even putting the city of enemy players in your village name makes people uncomfortable for their privacy and enjoyment of the game.

Attackable ban is how it goes for multiple village name infringements, but also they probably saw your account and your queues to see you were trying to INTENTIONALLY get a NON ATTACKABLE ban while support walks to your villages, committing a bit of ticket system abuse to get some breathing room. It is fine, I get that is a strategy you thought would work, but it did not.

I hope you can take this as a learning experience that:
1. Doxxing is not funny, not a joke, and will receive punishment
2. Mods hand out different punishments on a case-by-case basis
3. You would have lost this world either way fyi so this just helps you enjoy summer!
4. No need to harrass the mods on the external forums, just clean up your gameplay and follow the rules next time!

Thanks! <3