The Story (to be written)


A original way to ask your opinion about this world/the future of the world.

One day, a bored God was sitting on his rock throwing pebbles into the river that streamed in front of him
The surrounding cities had grown rapidly in last months, at first they were populated by different groups of pillagers. Today they are all governed by a tribe. These governances are very often the result of alliances. As in the good old days of the Middle Ages, as soon as one could marry his oldest daughter with the richest prince or the prince with the largest army, the luckiest he could be.
Our God has lived for some time in the surrounding cities, having a scavenger side, these times of peace bother him.

He thought he could bring together a small group of brave warriors to create a new kingdom in hostile lands. Having a few friends tired of all the peaceful times, they decided to form a small group and join the next conquest expedition to be held in the surrounding area.

The time has come. 12.12.18.

To their biggest surprise, they are joining two well known scavenger groups in the area. Russians and Turks. It would not be an easy task for them to govern the future kingdom, especially since their small group swore not to form alliances.

The first days were intense, which was going to be the best house, which would produce the most soldiers, which would plunder its neighbors the best. At first the little group was almost bored, they grew much faster than their direct competitors. But in the shadow, a small colony was growing. This colony was supervised by three excellent merchants who had made a fortune and who could spend a ton of money to have the same income as the plunderers. They even had enough money to buy the services of the best builders in the country. Their colony was developing at an inhuman pace.

The days passed, little by little this colony which grew in the shade became a serious competitor to the governance of the kingdom. Maybe even a big opponent in a future battle?
They were in the shadow of the small group, but growing up the two colonies were now next to each other.

In order to prove to observers that they deserved more attention, they organized a first expedition. Not very impressive, hitting a wall of 700 feet, almost impassable without colossal losses. Thanks to their money they manage quickly to recover their losses. Place at the second expedition. With a little more challenge. The merchants were heading towards the Turks.

A war that looks intense, but where a first battle was quickly won by the brotherhood of merchants.

What will happen now in this kingdom where one of the most serious competitors to the final victory is already in big trouble.
What will the '(No)Huggers' do, what will the Russians do, what will God and his followers do, what will the merchants do in the future, and what will the small tribes who have the desire to win do in this (crazy) world?

I'm sorry for the eyes who are bleeding ♥ I farm better than I write :s


Small evolution of the world.... (Top 10 tribes)


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It's interesting how the world has evolved.

It's amazing how the rank1 and 2 players are over half the size of the rank 2 tribe.
PK is falling, k54 will be disputed between Tribal and the merchants as you call them.Low morale will put $$$ at a disadvantage as standby and helesta have low morale on literally anyone outside of the top 10(and some in the top 10).Having 2 strong accounts try to carry a tribe is not always the best idea, we'll see how it goes.

They have played their strategy around pp well so far, but they have made a mistake.They went for the bigger threats first.They chose to take pk out and it worked out, short term that's the thing to do.But now their morale is worse and they forgot they have other tribes in the area too.Tribal,Nohugs will be a challenge even bigger than PK due to morale being in their favor.

The russians are playing their clustering game, trying to control their own k, which is not really working out so far as both $$$ and VS ALL entered their areas and the northern side of k55 is out of their control now.

$$$ is nobling on the rim to build new churches there and to prepare for the final war once they finish cleaning up the western side of the map.Due to churches being so damn important and everyone clustering so much, it will be a slow world.

Will be interesting to see what happens next and how the world looks 1 month from now.

The way I see it, 1 month from now k54 will be under $$$'s control mostly, with a solid cluster of tribal becoming a pain in $$$'s ass.Nohugs is also not to be neglected at this stage, they somehow survived and took advantage of $$$'s focus south and are starting to grow again, turtling as hard as they can expecting someone to make a move on them.

Eastern side of the map, nothing interesting really.Like I already said, Decept trying to control their k as much as possible, going for the rim right now out of necessity as VS ALL is slowly moving in their mid-north rim area.K45 is chill, VS ALL achieved control of it but while doing so we locked outselves between $$$,Nohugs and Decept.Every tribe had their own strategy and so far it is working out, except for PK.We will see in I think about 2-3 months which strategy was the best longterm, I'm really curious to see how the map looks in April/May.As it's going right now, I see a west-east split between $$$ and VS ALL, but you never know what can happen.


After a rough, bloody winter, the sun warms our frozen bones.

The merchants have destroyed the wall in a short time, it remains a little solid but harmless end that faces them.

On the other side of the wall: a battlefield. The Russians took by surprise were ravaged by starving “gods”. A long, bloody battle but rather one way. There are still some battalions defending their fortress at any cost, but the Russian reign is over.

Evidently our merchants seeing behind this wall a band of people who think they are Gods, they set themselves the objective of showing that money is worth more than a disguise of Zeus to Reign the world.
Hostilities began, in the beginning we tested the reactivity of the enemy and we observe his actions.

Period of calm.

The enemy knocks, they now occupy two fortress in the blue world of merchants.
Two mad merchants send their armies reconquer these fortresses. Monstrous failure.

The merchants gather, at 8 pm the meeting ends. A slogan: Let's attack, it's war-time.

Marchants Vs (false?) Gods

A world watching, 24 warriors, a server waiting for a real fair-play war. Fortunately, they all agree to be fair play.

Let's have fun,

Good luck to you @sjot @Helesta @StandBy @FluffyButDangerous & co.