The Tribe to Beat


So since no one wants to kick off the w39 forum I will! I am only pp farming but from what I see the team to beat here is UC. They have some big names there so some big talent.

Feel free to place predictions on the world/who you think will win and how here! Like I said I am pp farming but I would like to try and liven up the forums and as always I'm up for a debate.

Im not Crazy Henkie.

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UC looks decent indeed :)

They are definitely the team to beat, but a 10 tribe limit world is way tougher to win than (lets say) a 20-25 limit. If they have 3 people that fall off at a certain point its definitely possible for other tribes to compete

Im curious if helesta will play or farm pp, havent asked yet. Helesta will (if playing serious) probably join UC at some point since OFENCE is not really a tribe that will play seriously.

Havent really looked at other tribes yet besides UC and my own tribe tbh.


Hopefully you stick around because I'm predicting UC vs Boost for world win. Will be fun to watch!