Tribal Wars PERVersion


Tribal Wars PERVersion


Fact File

- Name: Play Everyday to Repo Villages
- Tag: PERV
- Rank: 1
- ODA Rank: 2
- Members: 41
- Despite being rank 1 in K44, they have the 4th best average points of the top 10 tribes there.
- ODD Rank is 10th which explains why their a little off the pace on the ODT front at rank 3.
- 85% of their villages are situated in K44, extremely close to both Nood and Freaks.

First Impressions

PERV are going to have a tough time in K44 with the players that surround them. Both Freaks and Nood have a strong presence in the area and this tribe will have to be on their game when the incomings start flying, or perhaps take others by surprise by hitting out first. Either way it’s going to be very important for this group of players to be completely in sync and supportive of one another, and as you’ll see in the interview with their leader, I think they can manage that in the coming few weeks. We’ve yet to see PERV come under any threat from neighbouring big names, but that’ll change soon.

As you can all see, PERV have some good caps under their belt and will hopefully continue to improve on this. If they can out grow and out compete the likes of Freaks in their area now, then war later will undoubtedly be much easier. Also its interesting to see some 15:42 names having been nobled here, and PERV’s immaculate record here with no losses so far has to say something about their cohesiveness. Seems PERV have taken advantage of the Freaks – 15:42 “war” to sort out some of their local area. Very good work in my opinion!

Well I think it’s clear to see that their depth of ennoblements is what’s got them too, and will keep them at, the top spot for a while to come if they can out compete with Freaks. There seem to be plenty of targets within their areas although coordination will inevitably be needed to take down some of the bigger players around. They’ve got the number 1 spot, but can they keep it? With the spotlight now shifting their way it’ll most likely shape up to be a very difficult task.

Credits to Devlinvaders for the map!

PERV’s spread seems decent, only in a couple of places are they cramped up although now with so many nobles around it is clear that expansion shouldn’t be hard for them. With plenty of space to the North, West and North West of the continent, as well as neighbouring continents starting to fill up, providing PERV can hold their own within their area, they should have no problems with branching out. I’ve had three main tribes placed on the map with PERV, those being Nood, Freaks and Ticket. The map shows that PERV will have plenty to deal with when it comes to Freaks initially and Nood’s presence further towards the current rim will also prove difficult to deal with. However Ticket do not intrude into K44 and this is why I’ve had them placed on the map. With mutual grounds to confront Freaks for space, perhaps a Ticket – PERV alliance, or at least temporary NAP, maybe a good solution to battling the mutual threats in their areas. I can only speculate, but it’s one possibility I’d certainly weigh the pros and cons up on as a leader if it were my tribe.

Interview With Old School Perv

Terry - Old School: Hello World 4 PERV's here

Rees: Hi there, would you like to introduce yourself to the W4 community and tell us who you are?

Terry - Old School: Im the original perv that all you young pervs today learned from
I am
Old School Perv
Founder/Leader of PERV

Rees: Haha right then Old School Perv, just to get started I'll ask a bit about your individual gaming here and then move onto your tribe. Are you enjoying W4 as a tribal wars world so far? If so what have been your current highlights, or if not then your lowlights?

Terry - Old School: Well yes I am enjoying it a lot actually. Many cool people on this world and for the most part doesnt seem to be too many children running around here. Well other then the Rayne10 charactor we got here. I would say the highlight for this world so far would be the fall of HX! after they predicted 2 weeks an they would have PERV gone from the world and then didnt stick around a week. Lowlights would be Freaks beating my team to 100k points :p

Rees: I got blocked by the Rayne10 account, apparently he didn't want to be interviewed, sad times! Anyway back to PERV and you more importantly, how would you rate your individual level of play in this world? Has it been effected do you think by having the responsibility of leading a tribe like PERV?

Terry - Old School: I think I have dont a great job so far as a leader. I learned a lot from past mistakes ( especially) and feel I am improved on that. I dont think my personal play has been effected at all either I dont like playing this game any other way then leading a team. If I am not leading a team I get bored an leave. So I would have to say I have done a good job

Rees: Great, well I'll come onto your leadership soon! I'm going to ask this question to everyone I interview though, but of the top 15 tribes, which would you request an invitation to if your tribe did not exist?

Terry - Old School: It would have to be TICKET

Rees: Any reason why?

Terry - Old School: I think Ticket is the best tribe on this world (next to pervs ofcoarse :p)
Dont get me wrong, Freaks looks good right now, but just like every other world there is tribes that break out and do great, then a few months down the road they fall apart

Rees: Haha yes I assumed you'd put them behind PERV! I agree with you, Ticket do look like a formidable force to be reckoned with and I hope they do well. Are there any tribes you think will struggle in the coming months that are in the top 15 at the moment?

Terry - Old School: I think W1nge or Beware might struggle soon because the area they share. But TICKET is right there too though having all 3 of those teams in top 15 an all mixed together is just asking for problems. Personally I think W1NGE will struggle the most in that K

Rees: Right then well moving onto PERV then, I take it from what you've said earlier that this isn't the first time you've led a tribe? Are there any past leadership experiences you'd like to share with us?

Terry - Old School: Oh gawd, I dont know if that would be a good thing or a bad thing to do. I have made many enemies over my 5 years on this game some people (like Dase) hold grudges. lets just say I have lead several teams to the top 10 ranks on .net. and my most successful world leading a tribe was W24 with a rank 5 team an 100 million points before leaving that world due to internal scuffles

Rees: Yep I can understand where you're coming from there, I've done the same! What have you liked or disliked about leading PERV so far? And do you feel you've learnt any major lessons from your experience with PERV? If so, what do you feel they are?

Terry - Old School: I like the members I have here the most its a great group of active guys and gals. I havent really learned much from my experience with PERV because I been threw a lot of it already before. However I did learn that I am way more mellow then I used to be according to on of my long time members. So I dont know if thats a good or bad thing yet. Not too much at this stage of the world I can say I dislike about leading the team other then the Fusion mails from Rayne 10 lol

Rees: Yea I think there's a general concensus for getting him booted off this world! Let us know how the new mellow you gets on though, I hope it is a good thing. PERV are in a very tough area of the world though and have just taken the number 1 spot, with top tribes surrounding you on all fronts and this new status making you a good target to reach, are you worried about any of the surrounding groups of players in your way?

Terry - Old School: Im always worried doesnt matter what rank my team is I always worry. You never know when something will break out on this game you could be at peace one moment an next have 10 people asking for support because another tribe is coming after yours. never get comfy in this game because you never know who is around the corner and how many friends they feel like bringing with them.
Yeah I will let you know how the new mellow me works out .. lol

Rees: Very sound advice that! It can be seen in the player rankings that PERV, although ranked number 1, have only half the number of top 20 players as Freaks do at number 2. Are you worried that quality may be lacking in place of quantity against tribes such as Nood, who are also in your continent, and Freaks?

Terry - Old School: Well I know for a fact over half my team has quality because over half of them are brought from past worlds (just wouldnt put perv in their name like the rest of us cause there too good to do that LOL)

So I am not too worried about quality. Yes I do have a lot more members then them but I dont feel I mass recruited them by any means either so I dont feel like the new people to my teams lack too much in quality either. As for nood they are around a bunch of pervs with a name like that they cant go wrong :p Shout out to big smexy over there you ugly kid :p

Rees: Well I'm looking forward to seeing what PERV offer up! Are you confident you can come out as a dominant force in your home continent then?

Terry - Old School: Im confident that we will come out as a strong force in K44 we are already for the most part but there is a lot of K left out there so things can change any time since this world is still very young and will change a lot yet before you start seeing solid formed teams

Rees: Well so far the ennoblements look impressive and you seem well set up. I wish you all the best for the future in W4 and maybe we'll have another interview a few months down the line to see how you've come on. Finallly then, is there anything you'd like to say to the W4 community? The spotlight is yours!

Terry - Old School: Yes there is

NOISE you fool keep it down I told you I need to sleep I dont need that noise over there all the time I will call the cops on you.

I want to wish the W4 community the best. Remember this is just a game dont take things personal here. I hope to make many more friends on this world and work with some new people. Looking forward to watching how this world plays over the next couple months. Part of me thinks this may be one of the better worlds to come out on the US server. Not because of the settings cause lets face it the settings for this world suck since they took it from speed 2 an made it 1.2, but because of the people here just hope everyone plays this world smart and doesnt hug as much as W3 did. And remember when you talk to me I am a perv so becareful what you say :p.
p.s. Olivia Munn is the hottest woman EVER!
That is all
Thank you for your interview

Rees: Brilliant, well thank you very much for your time, its been great talking to you!

As you can see, despite the PERVerted nature of this tribe their leader and its members seem very much up for the challenge, which is exactly what their initial life in this world is going to be. With Freaks, Nood, and Ticket all local it’s going to be a fight for survival and I hope they do well! I’d have to guess that a single strong alliance will be required here if PERV are to be successful, and personally I’d look towards their neighbouring continent, K54. I’m looking forward to seeing how the future of this tribe pans out and hopefully a proper war for them to prove themselves isn’t too far away! Good luck to PERV, until next time, goodbye!


Well there we go, the second tribe analysis and thread done. Please add any thoughts and opinions you have, correct me if I need correcting or just tell me what you think of the post. The next two scoops will hopefully involve a thread on Freaks and 15:42 in quick succession due to their conflict in the past week or so. Keep your eyes out and thank you for reading!


nice job and wow old school i thought for a second there you were going to forget my tribe i cried a lil on the inside but i saw your shout out you wrinkled ol dusty crone :D


Thanks for all the compliments guys and another thanks to Devlin who helped out! Schizo, Nood will be approached soon, I just want to get Freaks and 15:42 next in the aftermath of the skirmishes, then its you if you'll still agree to be interviewed :)


Mind if I ask you which tribe you're in, Tenique? I might have missed it in the post.


Mind if I ask you which tribe you're in, Tenique? I might have missed it in the post.

I've missed the boat on this world really, I went away on holiday twice since the world started so I've had to restart and I'm not in a tribe. Just one I set up to keep most of the noobs from spam inviting me. Same ign as forums, so I'm pretty neutral really :)

EDIT: Having posted this I've thought about my position and am joining the tribe SNW to try and help them. They are a tribe on the current rim in K46 who sent me the best invitation mail. Hopefully you'll know more about them later. I've decided this is the best option as it should keep me neutral to all top 15 tribes, allow me to give help to players that may be just starting the game for the first time, and enjoy myself with a group of people at the same time. :)
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Since people are giving me crap about this interview

I am a PERV
I am NOT an English Teacher

So who cares if my spelling sucks get used to it


Nice job there, and a nice shout out to W24 NET play. Shame We are 1+ billion points now :)

As for Nood, thanks man, a nice job to say thanks :) Look forward to the next couple years of this world.


I've missed the boat on this world really, I went away on holiday twice since the world started so I've had to restart and I'm not in a tribe. Just one I set up to keep most of the noobs from spam inviting me. Same ign as forums, so I'm pretty neutral really :)

Ah ok. I was just curious as I suspected when reading it that you were in the tribe. It's a good read though - wouldn't call it PnP as such, just a very in depth evaluation. Shame it hasn't sparked off a debate yet :p

You should think about covering other top tribes, too if you haven't already got that in mind.


Ah ok. I was just curious as I suspected when reading it that you were in the tribe. It's a good read though - wouldn't call it PnP as such, just a very in depth evaluation. Shame it hasn't sparked off a debate yet :p

You should think about covering other top tribes, too if you haven't already got that in mind.

He did TICKET already

Said next is freaks an 1542


Oooooo his rating of Freaks should be interesting :D

Well it'll get you reading alright ;)

Googly I've already done a scoop on Ticket (Who were called TANG) which was similar to this. The purpose of these threads is an in depth analysis and not a PnP to bolster tribes forum presence. Both tribes I've looked at so far have impressed me, but I've included bits of their play that might be a hinderance as well. I'm trying to be as neutral as possible :)