Truth about Ice Cold


So, Jake you can explain to the wonderful people of US forums that you are so desperate to win you request members to stack your front lines and than attack them. I will gladly hear your explanation.

[09/01/2014 21:14:49] Jerry jrw9938: i thougt you miget be interested in this
[09/01/2014 21:14:58] Jerry jrw9938: as you too were a member of void at one time
[09/01/2014 21:15:22] Jerry jrw9938: a couple of months ago they threw me out and started attacking me, sixpointer was the cause of it all
[09/01/2014 21:15:43] Jerry jrw9938: well after 10 days of fight and i kill like 10 mil in troops of their
[09/01/2014 21:15:54] Jerry jrw9938: they stop the attack and invited me back into the tribe
[09/01/2014 21:16:18] Jerry jrw9938: well in these pass few months, i havent had a front line village and they wouldnt allow me to take a barb to move up
[09/01/2014 21:16:36] Jerry jrw9938: so i decide i would send nukes for them and send my defensvie villages to support them
[09/01/2014 21:16:43] Jerry jrw9938: well today i got attack again
[09/01/2014 21:16:52] Jerry jrw9938: and guess which villages they went after
[09/01/2014 21:17:04] Jerry jrw9938: all the villages that had sent out support to their villages
[09/01/2014 21:17:31] Jerry jrw9938: so no defense to defend my self and they knew which villages to go after as they had my support in their villages
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Reason: Cus Ice Cold uses u.
dam right i do! hahahaha

well guess nobody really cares about your post margol :)

anyway get your info right before you make posts like this.
jrw was let go because his inability to grow. he repeatedly offered
his troops to the tribe but did not grow even with help. if he decided
to send some support out that is not my fault but his own. his rights
were removed and he wasn't active enough to notice. 3 weeks later
he got the boot. anything else ice cold wannabe?

Margol Dec 16,2013 11:01

i am here to win this world, make it my 17th. so let's rock and roll away.

Ice cold will watch slowly.
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All I got from this thread is that another person tried trusting ice, (after countless warnings over the years from everyone else in the world) and they got stabbed in the back. Still waiting for the day when void just turns on ice and eats him.


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Ice is bad ass.True,he's not a fair player,but who said tw is a fair game?Stop judging him.If you guys would know how to manipulate the way he can,you'd do the same.Well,not who am,but probably everyone else would.


like i said before who am, if someone is weak enough to be used... ill be sure to use them
myself instead of them being used against me.

as for jrw, he was given many chances to move right up anywhere on the
front line and he never jumped on it. i even offered him 1 of my own villages to see it get
done correctly and what does he send from 85 hours away? 10 axes with his nobles.
almost immediately after that i removed his rights which are, by tribe rules, a requirement.
if a player's rights are removed, they are obligated to contact leadership and prove their
capabilities to the tribe to attain these rights back. He didn't even notice his loss of rights,
he didn't notice half of the forums were gone? so we kicked him.

once again a player trying to look like they know whats going on but has no clue.
who am... who was. lol

i still see your gray villages around here :)
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Watch the language and keep it clean here.. Thank you.


Hey who am Miss you! (ex co player josh, now playing w10...No ice cold there) He likes to try to stir the pot because he thinks we care or something.


NOW you show up on externals. :p
But I do think a whole lot of 'using' has been going on.


strategy and very good, the rules must be respected, everyone must participate in even the most 'children just so you can move forward. beautiful war strategy, because good is respected by all members of the tribe and 'allies do their part