w10 Premade (Chess)


Hello everyone that plays .us server.
This is aring.

I am new to the whole .us scene. came from .net (still play in .net)
and i plan on creating a premade for w10. (first world i'll be joining on the start date)

What I am looking for is mainly those that are addicted to the game that are willing to dedicate their time into the game frequently. They can be new to the game as long as they put in the effort to learn.

The tribe will be named Chess.
Our motto: Every Pawn is a Potential King

majority of the tribe communication will be held on skype so it is recommended that you download and make a skype account.

i will be recruiting up to 15 members before the world starts
and approx 5-10 more in the world when bp ends.

for those unfamiliar with the settings
w10 is a 1.1x speed 0.9x troop speed world
based on coin system, with 5 day beginner protection.
fake limit, hauls enabled, barbs and bonuses enabled that grow to 3000 points.

i will be very honest and say that when i lead a tribe, i lead it in a dictatorship.
but that does not mean i won't put up polls to see what the majority of the tribe want in certain situations.
if you can't follow the rules, you'll just simply be kicked. no questions asked.
no second chances given depending on the situation.
diplomacy will be very very limited giving everyone in the tribe enough chance to grow and expand.

start locations and any other informations will be provided inside the tribe chat on skype

feel free to add me on skype: bzaring with any questions.



New Member
i am potentially interested in joining, as I am an avid chess player (i dont know if that actually means anything for this tribe XD). do i need to talk to you on skype to ask for tribe details? also, what are your credentials from your previous worlds?


lets just say i dont really want to talk about my past.
but i did hit rank 1 in .net til i quit, led about 4 tribes.
but in the end, a tribe is as strong as its weakest member.
never actually finished a world. more of a startup mid game type of player.

pk3rz 30

Looks interesting, however, I'm waiting for w69, and if I do play w10, it won't really be for long.

Best of luck though, I see potential here.


was in ikea premade but dropped when i quitted last year. so going with the flow atm.
not even sure i have a co.


nevermind i do have a coplayer.
and i am already in a premade with that said coplayer.


thanks you too.
let me know your ign in w69 when it comes out.