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Apologies for the No Thanks, Still annoyed at you due to our recent issue which you haven't had time for.... but here's what I hope you can add (It seems you can definitely alter settings post-announcement as JawJaw has done so on .net after receiving tons of complaints like always)

Visible Settings:

World speed 1 Fine!
Unit speed 1 Fine!
Nobles Coins Fine!
Tech Simple Fine!
Paladin Yes with skills books Fine!
Bonus Vills Yes Fine!
Barb growth to 2800 Fine!
Church Yes Fine! (I dislike church but it's been 2 worlds and if it's necessary I won't protest)
Watchtower No Fine!
Attack gap 100ms Fine!
Choose start location Yes Fine!
Beginners protection 4 days Fine!
Tribe limit 10 Fine!
Morale active Points plus time based Fine!
Fake limit No Possibly make a fake limit since Watchtowers disabled
Militia Yes Fine!
Hauls On with Scavenging Fine!
Archers/MA No Fine!
Flags Yes Fine!

<barbarian_rise>0.002</barbarian_rise> Please increase to Barbarian_Rise 003 since this is a slow world.

<barbarian_max_points>2800</barbarian_max_points> This seems like a high point cap and will encourage barb nobling. I suggest a points cap of 1500.

<no_other_support>2</no_other_support> I know the default is normally set to 0. Does this mean world 43 you can't support outside tribe members? If so, I believe that is a much appreciated setting among the community.

<base_production>30</base_production> Speed 1 world, think you could possible make base production 1.5x (45)

<empty_villages>7</empty_villages> & <bonus_villages>9</bonus_villages> This setting means that per every player there will be .07 and .09 barbs. Can you change this to 10 & 15 (or more) so that there is a total of .25 barbs per player instead of .16. I believe that 1 barb per 4 players is sufficient.

For the above statement on barbs/bonuses --> I have spoken to several individuals and players have stated that scavenging has become even better than farming in the game due to lack of barbs. My friend, Stenly. is able to outfarm everyone just from using the scavenging option on world 42. At least make farming viable otherwise scavenging and premium farming will dictate early game growth and leave less room for skill.


Totally agreed with all what Report said, especially about the barb vills per player and the rise ratio of barb vills.
It would also be interesting to experience any different tech style but seems fine now.


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More interested in us44, since us43 looks generic and plain.

Not sure what us44 entails, but since it was just launched, but not announced, alongside us43 I am expecting it to open within a week or two of us43 opening, but most likely with a new setting of some sort.

This is speculation, but educated speculation:

.uk, .us, and .net all just announced a new world. They also all have a world that isn't announced but is running. This suggests they are all actually opening two worlds in the near future. The only reason I can foresee this happening is if something divisive is being added to the game, and one of the two new worlds on each server will have it while the other will not.

As per settings:

"Please increase to Barbarian_Rise 003 since this is a slow world."

I don't follow the logic behind this particular request. Fast worlds should have higher barbarian_rise figures, not the inverse. barbarian_rise is unaffected by world speed.

.002 is .002 speed whether the world is speed 1, or 500.

On a faster world, a set number is slower, relative to the growth of player villages. It is not in any way multiplied by world speed. This is why on speed rounds it is common to see barbarian_rise be much higher than usual.

ie on the currently configured uk speed round it is:


This is relative to .002 on a speed 300 world.
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natural perfection.

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Very standard world... As always on this server.

Can we have a limited or no haul/3lvl tech / noble package with expensive rebuild instead of coins or anything like that once please :(