World PERV


I like the title of the forum section

It sure was world PERV :p



As much as I disagree whit your strategies, you won the world whit early-world diplomacy, so hats off to you. GJ OSP and PERV.



Please explain what you are referring to

as for early world diplomacy Perv didnt make any diplomacy till Freaks came into the picture because ive studied worlds and every world has a break out tribe that comes in an destroys everyone till it falls apart so I went out of my way to make sure that didnt happen but even then PERV didnt do diplomacy really other then work out 2 allies TBS and I forget the name of the other team but the other team didnt work with PERV they worked with Freaks backstabbing PERV and then it was PERV and TBS the rest of the world PERV didnt really do any other diplomacy. other then like 3 other temp nap type things to buy time to deal with other stuff but that was threw out the year an a half. So early diplomacy wasnt much the case at all. Hell PERV was the first tribe to be declared on in the world by HX! (stupid Dase hasnt learned yet I have seen) and since that 3rd week of the world PERV was at war non stop till the end with someone.
Yeah I socialized with all the right people to better PERV which yea thats a form of diplomacy I suppose but out right allies perv had set up 3 the whole world and one never got past the first week without them betraying perv. but I am really curious what your refering to