BALKAN joins the war


Just a quick update to the stats for the 5 people that view this worlds forum


HELLO AGAIN :))) EDD is X to you-not tribe? You keep the moth? To send to me to teach ART AND Profession. -How do you choose those? What values ​​do you?!! I saw the world Pervez and 7. It's my friend Zed X?! CA I want to give you one shame. Give him a perversion AS TARGU OCNA
Mai este ZED X la tine-n trib? Il pastrez ca molie? SA-L TRIMITI LA MINE SA-L INVAT ARTA SI MESERIE . Tu cum ii alegi pe-astia? Ce valori ai ?!! Am vazut PERV si pe lumea 7 . E si prietenul meu Zed X ?!! CA VREAU SA-I MAI DAU O RUSINE . SA-I DAU O PERVERSA CA PE TARGU OCNA
PERV vs Domnu Bula = 0-9


Anyone have a clue what this guy just said
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