-=DT=- Family Vs EX & NDH


Players flipping sides always had been considered hugging. And players doing it always will branded by some as backstabbers or traitors. What side you are on probably frames how you look at it. It’s really up to tribe leaders keeping players and maneuvering to poach some good people from elsewhere.

Honestly the worlds are so small it seems that a few big players moving into a top tribe will decide things early then it’s just a long slow grind to the win. Unless a bunch of big players up and quit to end it fast. It would be funny to see how inno would react if everyone just handed over villages and dominance was achieved way short of 180 days. On w33 no one really pushed for victory until 180 days.

The us server is about dead. Every world More active players are quitting or moving to net. Not enough new people join and the ones that do are usually turned off because they can’t compete. The map is embarrassingly tiny now. Doesn’t even get to full Ks and way short of old school nets with dozens of Ks. Heck most villages starting worlds are fakes now.

Pretty pathetic that there are really only like 50-100 really active players on each world. Especially when half don’t like the other half and they are all on top of each other. Makes it much less interesting.


@riverripper I agree it will depend on which side of the war you are on how you look at it.

All I am going to say is that we never went after to recruit Max till AFTER he left DT. DT tried to recruit 5 members TO MY KNOWNLEGE while they were in my tribe. Maybe even more. Loooveee even gifted a premium account to Chill to try and get him to come to DT early.

Then tried to recruit Karmil, Sorrow, and Baron all while they were in my tribe. Call it back stabbing if you want but at least we never tried to recruit Max while he was inside your tribe.

Then you guys go after your tribe fell apart, and try to get NDH to backstab us to work with you guys. Not understanding that earlier in the world when you guys were "going to win because your the dream team" you guys had 4 tribes against EX and NDH. We worked well together defended together. Now you expect them to leave our side to join a tribe that just tried to op them and failed a week ago? <---- this defines backstabbing no matter what side of the war you are on.


those are lies Jimmy, lets get on same page and find out truly who is that scum Max is

Chill asked for premium account <<< I did not have ask him to join DT.
As I told Chill, i remember playing without premium with more then couple villages and it is terrible, I do not mind helping people with premium accounts

Harversterner mailed me fist and I just talked to him about possibilities. Mario asked me to take my ego away and just say hi to Karmil. Mailing with Karmil took all together 2 messages > HI and BYE

please stop lying Jimmy, at least lets get facts out there

MAX has been piece of shit from beginning of the world. My people warned me about him many times and I did not believe them. I did same as Ez doing on world 36 right now, I tried it out. Max wanted to go offensive so I personally and 2much adjusted to him. I went 4d to 1o just for support reasons. He was only able to grow so fast because he was part of the strong group and most of his targets were just east picking. He did not help tribe that much in general. One time he tried to speak about support and you know Nauz right? with plain logic Nauz called him out as freaking two faced bitch. I believed you got the memo from someone as well.Max is talking about not helping Ryan - The One? Lol Lets bring Ryan here. I talked to him. Max did minimum. Players from CT did more then Max. Max asked for NAP and left tribe and used his spies for command sharing - Mura and for intels sharing scapdog. He was talking to chowder for long ass time and he knew which villages were completely empty. Jimmy are u calling this fair game? When Max just gets free villages in a war by jumping sides and backstabbing. My fault I guess that I always kept my word to everyone. Max is lying piece of shit that does not telling truth to anyone? He told you I made him take barb villages when he asked to stack 20 villages? First of all what a selfish bastard, there were other folks on front and not only him. 20 villages of Max? what about others? I did not tell him to take barbs, I told him to consider to take 1.5 and 2k villages in my personal core, I would of cleared it pre noble it for him and fed res to grow.... but again Max is lying piece of shit that backstabbing people form world to world so good talk
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OOOOHH some good stuff going on here :) Jimmy, love is right, he didn't try to recruit me, I just heard he was giving away free premium accounts--I thought it was too good to be true so I asked him for one, and to my surprise, I got one!

To address my thoughts on this world in one word: DISAPPOINTING. I was really hoping we would have some sort of opposition. I did not want to recruit any more players or have any diplomacy outside of NDH (which we do not, not sure where the 3 allies are coming from Dream ;) still think you're a good guy though) in hopes that we would have to fight some and lose at least a couple of nukes to secure this world. Unfortunately, it is not looking this way, as one single OP has completely crushed the spirits of the whole rest of the world :(

To quote Michael Scott: "It's a shame... it's a damn shame!"


The thing that makes EX so good is the fact that we work together. It will be a true tribal win. If we win.