Funny In-Game Messages!


Hello people.I decided to open an account both here and on the .us server,so I figured that this would be and interesting first post:)
This is the first funny thing(it aint a message though):

6 buddy requests?


DatRohirrim Jul 23,2013 10:13
i liek u
wanna maek baby?

Farming? Jul 23,2013 10:13
if you send me all your resources xD

DatRohirrim Jul 23,2013 10:16
wat is resources?i is nub,firs time playin

Farming? Jul 23,2013 10:17
the resources in your warehouse. Build a market and send em to me xD

DatRohirrim Jul 23,2013 10:17
market?expalin pl0x :D i wanna learn wit u :D

Farming? Jul 23,2013 10:18
your not a noob, you know what mass recruiting is, that makes you pro ;)

DatRohirrim Jul 23,2013 10:19
Busted! :D

DatRohirrim Jul 23,2013 10:20
Mate,the wierd thing,is that I only received one tribe invite,and 4 buddy requests.I think I will go back to the Portugal server :p

Farming? Jul 23,2013 10:22
Why, this server has a lot of noobs. :) Fine Dining if you ask me.

DatRohirrim Jul 23,2013 10:23
Yeah LOL.Im just playing this server just for fun,discovered that it would open today.Im msing around with people,masked as a newb :p

Farming? Jul 23,2013 10:25
ahh. I could tell from the beginning, just wanted to see where it would go. When you asked for helkp, I'm like "F this, I don't want to go through this crap" lol
I was busted :(
But it gets better,oh it does :p


AbuStyle Jul 23,2013 10:20
Hello neighbor, hope you are well :)


DatRohirrim Jul 23,2013 10:21
i liek u!

AbuStyle Jul 23,2013 10:21
like you too!

DatRohirrim Jul 23,2013 10:22
wanna maek babys?

AbuStyle Jul 23,2013 10:25
sure, but you have to be female

DatRohirrim Jul 23,2013 10:27
wat if im both?

AbuStyle Jul 23,2013 10:30
never tried that, but hell no!

DatRohirrim Jul 23,2013 10:33
aww,t´will be good,i promise!

A wierder one LOL
Didnt reply to the last message though.


The majority of friend invites in startup are for the award and not because your close to them or whatever... just saying


That doesnt make it less wierd.I never had this kind of thing playing the .pt server.


DatRohirrim Jul 23,2013 10:29
u invitz meh to teh trieb?

ThunderBunny Jul 23,2013 10:31
Yes I am starting a tribe on this world and the more people that join close to each the better off we will be.

DatRohirrim Jul 23,2013 10:32
wat is trieb?

ThunderBunny Jul 23,2013 10:35
The tribe is a group of people in this game that defend and help each other with attacks, defending, and resources.

DatRohirrim Jul 23,2013 10:38
ther is war in tis? o.0

ThunderBunny Jul 23,2013 10:41
At some point your beginner protection will end and then you can be attacked by anybody/everybody. If you are in a tribe they will be able to assist you in defending you village or attacking other villages

DatRohirrim Jul 23,2013 10:42
oh the noez!1!
in portugal we dont play like tis :( we just hug

ThunderBunny Jul 23,2013 10:43
Lol. Well it is tribal wars....I don't know of any war that was won with hugs

DatRohirrim Jul 23,2013 10:44
in portugal we hug ppl to death!they cant handle the love

ThunderBunny Jul 23,2013 10:46
Well with all the beautiful Portuguese women i would want to be hugging more often too

DatRohirrim Jul 23,2013 10:48
we dont just hug.we kiss,and...
we love each other a lot in the .pt server

ThunderBunny Jul 23,2013 10:49
.pt server?? Sounds fun

DatRohirrim Jul 23,2013 10:50
yeah,the portuguese one.oh,its fun,that it is.
its like tribal hugz,we dont make war,only alliances and NAPs.we like building,you know?

ThunderBunny Jul 23,2013 10:52
Sounds like something I'll have to try out.

DatRohirrim Jul 23,2013 10:53
yeah mate,its simcity,browser version.we never make war,anyone who farms another player gets banned.Im not even going to speak of those brutes that declare war.

ThunderBunny Jul 23,2013 10:56
Well I am not sure how this world will work out. But I would rather have an insurance policy with a decent tribe.

DatRohirrim Jul 23,2013 10:59
can you tell me what is your recruiting policy?
In the end he tries to convince me to join his tribe,I think.


I have literally never seen this guy before.
(also, sorry about the friend requests, me and a friend were having a friendly competition to see who could get the gold award first)

billybob120 Jul 23,2013 10:45
do i know u

Bladdy Hell Mate Jul 23,2013 10:45
yeh im tom

billybob120 Jul 23,2013 10:49
from what world

Bladdy Hell Mate Jul 23,2013 10:49
the lst one

billybob120 Jul 23,2013 10:50
didnt play that

Bladdy Hell Mate Jul 23,2013 10:50
i mean the last one we played

billybob120 Jul 23,2013 10:51
what was ur account name

Bladdy Hell Mate Jul 23,2013 10:51

billybob120 Jul 23,2013 10:55
no urs

Bladdy Hell Mate Jul 23,2013 10:55
ye that was mine

billybob120 Jul 23,2013 11:02
no that was mine

Bladdy Hell Mate Jul 23,2013 11:02
it was mine as wel

billybob120 Jul 23,2013 11:03

Bladdy Hell Mate Jul 23,2013 11:04

billybob120 Jul 23,2013 11:07
o yea sorry forgot

Bladdy Hell Mate Jul 23,2013 11:07
kl kl

billybob120 Jul 23,2013 11:08

Bladdy Hell Mate Jul 23,2013 11:09
so wat?

billybob120 Jul 23,2013 11:36
were u on my account

Bladdy Hell Mate Jul 23,2013 11:36
yeh i was we wer really gd

billybob120 Jul 23,2013 11:38
yea a little
but were u no my account like a second ago

Bladdy Hell Mate Jul 23,2013 11:38
no it ws ages ago

billybob120 Jul 23,2013 11:39
ok well good luck on this
wait do u want to co again

Bladdy Hell Mate Jul 23,2013 11:41
gd luk to you too
no sorry i cant

billybob120 Jul 23,2013 11:42
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I think that deserves a WTH
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notnapoleonbonaparte Jul 23,2013 17:05Hi,Do you have any interest in joining my tribe? We have lots of influence in the north. Let me know when you have come to a decision,notnapoleonbonaparte
Tw Nuke
Jul 24,2013 22:47
you exp?

Jul 25,2013 06:06
Yes and the rest of the tribe is too.

Tw Nuke
Jul 25,2013 08:44
why do you have sister tribes then

notnapoleonbonaparte Jul 25,2013 13:41Can't help it, we have lots of talented players applying and we don't want to lose them.

i guess there must be a lot of elite players in this world


Elitist tribes fall apart, especially if they are made this early. If I were to only accept "elite" players and fill our tribe with them, then we would be nailed as a threat. "Elite" players can be tribe hoppers often in the early game, so if a coalition arised against us (like the W10 one against Legacy) they would all ditch. Talented players, the term I used, are more loyal, not full of themselves, and have strength in numbers. There is nothing wrong with keeping talented players around, the next top "elite" players have to start somewhere. Unintelligent, talented players (which you seem like, now that I've seen your post) you don't keep, and intelligent noobs you don't keep either. We will find the right elite players to join in time.


Nuke's point is that if you deem your tribe to have already found upwards of 60 "talented" players that are not only on the world but actually willing to join your family, your perceptions of "talented" are much less stringent than others'.


Oh I'd rethink that.

Also, the conversation you had with billybob120 where you pretended to be his co, billy was trying to mess with you the whole time. It was a 2 way joke.


I know that, doesn't take away from the hilarity.
Also, I was bored:

billybob120 Jul 24,2013 19:51
i see you are doing well

Bladdy Hell Mate Jul 24,2013 19:51
thanks :)

billybob120 Jul 24,2013 19:52
so what are building up the most
and how r ur farms

Bladdy Hell Mate Jul 24,2013 19:54
my farms suck im making pits

billybob120 Jul 24,2013 19:55
nice well do you want to be on no my wall of pa's

Bladdy Hell Mate Jul 24,2013 19:58
you can put me there if u like

billybob120 Jul 24,2013 20:00
cool i know we are far apart but we can get closer when we can noble

billybob120 Jul 24,2013 20:59
wont work will send draft early tomorrow like 4 in the morning

Bladdy Hell Mate Jul 24,2013 20:59

billybob120 Jul 24,2013 23:02
my bad sent that to the wrong person

billybob120 Jul 25,2013 20:23
wow i cant believe u feel for it i dont know a tom ha

Bladdy Hell Mate Jul 25,2013 20:23
yep, I sure am an idiot.

billybob120 Jul 25,2013 20:27
so u were just playing along to ha

Bladdy Hell Mate Jul 25,2013 20:28
No, I was fooled, I actually forgot my own name for a second, I just remembered it isn't actually Tom! Wow you really outsmarted me, are you in MENSA?

billybob120 Jul 25,2013 20:29
no i didnt out smart you we both out smarted each other

Bladdy Hell Mate Jul 25,2013 20:33
It pains me that you think that.

billybob120 Jul 25,2013 20:35
ok what are u a poet or something

Bladdy Hell Mate Jul 25,2013 20:37
A poet I am not, but my brain isn't made of snot. Yours seems to be, because you type like a monkey.

Little rhyme there I wrote just for you xoxox

billybob120 Jul 25,2013 20:43
haha ur so big of a nerd u dont know what texting talk is
and just to tell u it is to shorten ur words because it is hard to type on a tablet

Bladdy Hell Mate Jul 25,2013 20:48
ye i am nrd cos i dont typ liek a spazoid

Honestly though, by your logic I'm a "nerd" here's the definition of nerd to help you understand the word you yourself used, I doubt you're aware of its meaning:

A nerd (adjective: nerdy) is a person, typically described as being overly intellectual, obsessive, or socially impaired. They may spend inordinate amounts of time on unpopular, obscure, or non-mainstream activities, which are generally either highly technical or relating to topics of fiction or fantasy,

So again, by your logic I'm a nerd for not being tech savvy enough to type like an idiot, that's a complete contradiction, being the massive nerd I am I'm far more likely to know all the tricks of spelling words like a chimp with no fingers.

billybob120 Jul 25,2013 20:53
well say what you want

but the first thing of recovering is knowing what is wrong about yourself

at least i know the truth
you have a good day now
you here me.

Bladdy Hell Mate Jul 25,2013 20:55
that makes literally no sense, I could send that to sme NASA decoders and they'd send it back with a gift basket and their apologies

billybob120 Jul 25,2013 20:58
what now u are not making sence

and then...





It is so hard to distinguish foreigners from Americans/English in this game, I'll think that someone is European for the longest time because it is so hard to understand their messages.


"chimp with no fingers"...laughed and laughed and laughed


notnapoleonbonaparte today at 09:03
I think that farming is perfectly proper behavior. If your tribe cared they would support you enough to stop the attacks, otherwise I need to let me players farm. We have no NAP with you, there is no reason for him to stop attacking.

Thurhame today at 09:01
Greetings to the tribe of Silent.

Your member cowboy597 is attacking me. I would appreciate it if you informed him this is not proper behavior.

Thurhame of Ghost.

Since when was farming not proper behavior?


<img src="//
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Napoleon,I have an similar mail like the one you posted.

notnapoleonbonaparte Aug 02,2013 20:37
Hello there,

You are attacking my friend and tribemate kingravelle. Please stop or face action from the tribe. If you want to join us, then fine. If not, please go away.


Dase Aug 03,2013 08:05
What happens if I don't stop?

notnapoleonbonaparte Aug 03,2013 08:11
Not sure yet, something along the lines of you waking up to find you only have 26 points though.

What I find funny is your arrogance.
It's not arrogance when you back it up,but you...You're all words and no facts.

If you truly believe what you posted above,you will understand farming is necessary.
I only scouted the guy and I don't want to waste my troops on players with mines so low,but dude.
Did you manage to research lc yet?Just curious.