Funny In-Game Messages!


Dase, the funny part about the first one was that that tribe was in no position whatsoever to actually cause consequences for our farming. It wasn't even their leader that messaged me.

That guy called it "not proper behaviour". I didn't say their was anything improper about your behaviour, I said our tribe woudln't tolerate it because we would prefer to have members not be farming targets.

And where do you get your "all words and no facts" idea- I told you the consequences of doing something, and the only facts I need to back up the warning are my thoughts.


Elitist tribes fall apart, especially if they are made this early. If I were to only accept "elite" players and fill our tribe with them, then we would be nailed as a threat. "Elite" players can be tribe hoppers often in the early game, so if a coalition arised against us (like the W10 one against Legacy) they would all ditch. Talented players, the term I used, are more loyal, not full of themselves, and have strength in numbers. There is nothing wrong with keeping talented players around, the next top "elite" players have to start somewhere. Unintelligent, talented players (which you seem like, now that I've seen your post) you don't keep, and intelligent noobs you don't keep either. We will find the right elite players to join in time.

lol what


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Napoleon,if that guy would actually make an good farm I'd clear him right now.
But I'll let him grow and noble him later.
I really wanna see how you'll get me to 26 points.
Like I said,you are all words and no facts.

And yeah,I guess I should be afraid to be attacked by the guys from the silent family around me who didn't even score 10k looted yet?


There is strength in numbers.

Either way, whether you get to 26 points or not, your growth will be stunted and Dase will be even more grumpy than he/she is at the moment.


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You do realize that all the silent players in my k are noobs,right?What will they attack me with?Spears?

I can handle them.


There is strength in numbers.

Either way, whether you get to 26 points or not, your growth will be stunted and Dase will be even more grumpy than he/she is at the moment.

All I know is that you have the biggest balls and outspoken pride I have seen in a long while... and for that, good for you. I would be careful though, you don't seem to be making a lot of friends. :(


I love dase he gives me more to talk about with his quick replys posts... even though i havent bothered to lok for him in game tbh i dong even know why we are all fighting but thats the game aye.


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I didn't look for you either.I only looked at your profile once when I saw the report.




Funniest message ive received so far. Dude can't even man up to his own words. He talks so mighty and tough, but when trouble comes knocking he proves that hes nothing but a coward

Uncle Sam Aug 12,2013 15:31
Right after declaring war on us? LOL

notnapoleonbonaparte Aug 12,2013 15:32
I dint accept it. I think our baron did. I didn't want to have a war early in the game

Uncle Sam Aug 12,2013 15:32
Oh really? What about this then:

Hello BH, ELE, Silent, and TS Members! And now Cam!

As we all now, Egoist is THE SINGLE BIGGEST threat to everyone in W11. Their point lead on place #2 is as big as from 3-20. They have tons of experienced players from other worlds and once they get nobles will be even more of a threat. We would rather fight 22 barracks than 44. We don't want to engage in any long scale conflict now that would stunt growth, but we need to be a pain the rear end to them until we have noble trains ready. Think of us as the coalition against Napoleonic France- we need to band together against Egoist, who is like Napoleonic France. Silent can be Great Britian, BH family Russia, ELE the Austrians, and TS the Prussians! And now that Cam is here they can be the Portugese!

Let's work together to stunt their growth. Invite allies to this forum that share our concerns, but make sure they aren't allied with Egoist. Remember the W10 team that disembered Legacy? Let's do that.


Uncle Sam Aug 12,2013 15:33
Why must you lie to me like that mate?

notnapoleonbonaparte Aug 12,2013 20:44
I forgot that I wrote that.

notnapoleonbonaparte Aug 12,2013 20:44
My bad


Funniest message ive received so far. Dude can't even man up to his own words. He talks so mighty and tough, but when trouble comes knocking he proves that hes nothing but a coward



Careful with the one-word messages that are against the rules, guys :).


I had to laugh hard when i read this message

billybob120 Aug 18,2013 18:00
if u dont get back to me in 4 hours i will have to farm u because i think u r inactive
but if u do come back i hope there in no harm done

billybob120 Aug 18,2013 23:34
ok sending troops in the morning unless u get back to me

dark Aug 19,2013 08:45
No,I want to stay alone.I don't need a tribe right now

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 08:47
u know i can take u out in about minutes

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 09:24
sorry mate
u r either with me or a against me
u decided against me sorry u were a great friend

dark Aug 19,2013 13:07
we will see then, will cost you some troops to clear me

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 15:28
i am ok with that plus u r cleared

dark Aug 19,2013 15:29
ok i'm cleared

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 15:31
well u could keep trying but i am going to farm u

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 15:36
so r u going to start over

dark Aug 19,2013 15:38
we will see

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 15:40
u could join me

dark Aug 19,2013 15:41
i'm not interested like said

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 15:42
well then i will cat u to the floor

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 15:42
or noble u

dark Aug 19,2013 15:43
ok have fun

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 15:46
y would u say that

dark Aug 19,2013 15:46
your timing is bad ;)

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 15:47
i know i sent it from my phone

dark Aug 19,2013 15:54
you should scout again ;)

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 15:59
y r u stacked now

dark Aug 19,2013 16:00
i dont need to be stacked, i told you i'd make some troops first and now you know why it was worth it, you'll loose your troops

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 16:02
so u had troops outsit ur building

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 16:02
u had troops outside ur village

dark Aug 19,2013 16:02
yeah i cant put them outside if i get scout attacks if i want

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 16:04
well thats great because the first time i hit u it was only half of my nuke
the others were farming

dark Aug 19,2013 16:04
ok you will still lose a lot lol

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 16:05
so enough to take 3000ax and 1000lc

dark Aug 19,2013 16:07
we will see

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 16:08
well they r fakes
but lets call it truce

dark Aug 19,2013 16:09
oh i expected more than only fakes :(

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 16:11
so truce i will pay back the reasourses i took

dark Aug 19,2013 16:11
lol, are you afraid to attack me now?

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 16:14
**** this
that was my new co
sorry i was out the past 2 days
what can i do for u
and he sent 1000ax in the last attack

dark Aug 19,2013 16:15
to bad i dont believe you, get ready to loose your troops

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 16:21
u have to
i will kick him off if u let it go
i will do anything u want

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 16:23
i will give u 30pp

dark Aug 19,2013 16:23
you have nothing i need

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 16:25
yes a nuke i can use
what if when u r ready to noble i will pre noble for

dark Aug 19,2013 16:26
you just offered me to break the rules, you do know that is against the rules or don't you?

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 16:28
how is that against the rules
what about letting u noble one of my villages

dark Aug 19,2013 16:29
you offered me pp to get an advantage, the is against the rules

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 16:29
what about letting u noble one of my villages

dark Aug 19,2013 16:30
as if i can trust you, you are catting me, all you want is to safe your troops...

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 16:31
that was my co see i will show u the ip login ins

dark Aug 19,2013 16:32
well you have chosen the wrong co then

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 16:32
he didnt know

dark Aug 19,2013 16:33
he could have read the messages or you should have told him, not my fault at least

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 16:38
Aug 19,2013 09:01 90.457.337.666
Aug 19,2013 08:42 90.457.337.666
Aug 18,2013 23:53 90.457.337.666
Aug 18,2013 23:32 90.457.337.666 him
Aug 18,2013 18:32 90.457.337.666
Aug 18,2013 17:45 90.457.337.666
Aug 18,2013 10:48 90.457.337.666
Aug 17,2013 22:18
Aug 17,2013 17:41 me
Aug 17,2013 14:43
Aug 17,2013 08:28
Aug 16,2013 23:39
Aug 16,2013 15:57

dark Aug 19,2013 16:38
you should post the ids from when i got attacked

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 16:39

dark Aug 19,2013 16:39
you just showed earlier logins, let me see the login from 1 hour ago

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 16:39

dark Aug 19,2013 16:40
as you saw i dodged ;)

dark Aug 19,2013 16:43
only your scouts though

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 16:46
Aug 19,2013 16:14
Aug 19,2013 15:27 90.457.337.666

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 16:46

dark Aug 19,2013 16:47
too late

billybob120 Aug 19,2013 16:48
thanks a lot

dark Aug 19,2013 16:50
thank your co

and this is what happened:

Sorry but i couldnt resist posting this lol


Are players these days scared too build rams lol great post :D