Top 5 Players


In your Opinion, what are the top 5 players in the world so far? :cool::)

For me:

1 - d3ffy - -=V=-
2 - I lava I - !SPANK
3 - Whinny the Pooh - TMBD-1
4 - Pancho Villa - Ether
5 - PsychoViking - TMBD-1

Give your opinion :D

Im not Crazy Henkie.

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My top 5 will be in random order, but I think these 5 players will get the top-ranks within a few months:

1: Iwan (SCS)
2: Mediumking (TMBD-1)
3: Whinny the Pooh (TMBD-1)
4: Pancho Villa (Ether)
5: Smash Bros (Spank!)

Don't think this will become the top5 rankings of the world though... considering luck, activity of the accounts, premium noobs who are not in this list but are high in the rankings etc :p and ofcourse because I will be there :rolleyes:


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Iwan?His farming looks nice,but his plunders suck.He just had a few big players quitting near him so he has some good farms.
I doubt he will get top 5,but everything seems possible on this world :D

Im not Crazy Henkie.

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I didnt want to make a list with only people I know, so i took some other players as well ^^ Someone has to make place for me in the top 5 though so maybe its him :)


1 - Ektoras27 - TMBD-1
2 - FatBstrd84 - TMBD-1
3 - Whinny the Pooh - TMBD-1
4 - Natural Perfection - TMBD-1
5- Loovee ;) - -=V=-
lol, this is Tribal Wars S.W.A.T. squad =D
ektoras27 - 33.871;
FatBstrd84 - 24.356;
Whinny the Pooh - 26.542;

Natural Perfection. - 27.564;
loooveee = 40.440;

Total - 152.773

Our current OD would put us #10 in tribal OD rank, good job guys!

P.S. I would love to make top 5 players list, but I think co-played accounts shoudn't be included ^_^
P.S.S. Can not wait to get paid so I can buy some PP, i think this is only one way to keep up with top dogs who have both co-players doing decent work
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Pancho Villa

1. Ektoras27 (TMBD-1)
2. Whinny the Pooh (TMBD-1)
3. FatBstrd84 (TMBD-1)
4. Smash Bros (TMBD-1)
5. Loooveee (-=V=-)


1 - I LaVa I
2 - Aluchi
3 - GoFalcons
4 - TheMountian
5 - Nasotm


1 - ektoras27
2 - PanchoVilla
3 - The Mountain
4 - PsychoViking
5 - nasotm

From what I have seen atleast...