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When the ignorance of others causes one to leave the game, it is a true tragedy.

I brought Margol back into Junk, gave him the chance to renew his image - an image that I destroyed. But the past is not easily forgotten by all. Of course I had my doubts, as did my members. But to hold such a grudge is to act like a child.

Whatever doubts we had upon his return were quickly vanquished. That old foe was gone and an active member took his place. Whilst his return was short-lived, he earned my respect, as I hope he did yours.

The grudge is solely held against Margol alone. I don't dislike him because of what happened with LDE. I don't really even know what happened because I was still quite small at the time of those events and I didn't read the forums much.

I don't like Margol due to his astounding arrogance. I have been told he is a pretty good player. Maybe that is true, maybe it isn't. Regardless he acts like he is above everyone else. I find that extremely annoying.

I'm sure things would be different if I was in a tribe with him. If we were allies we would probably get along fine. However, we are not, we are enemies. He constantly tries to belittle his enemies on an online war game.

That is what ruins his image for me.


watched wolves stab UC in the back and all the other large tribes eat barbs until they grow fat, and yes a threat. At least with junk we all know what we are getting.

Once again Jay shows how little he actually knows about world politics and this game... i warned you what was happening with junk i warned your entire tribe... I called this a month ago.

But you coward in your little corner of the world thinking junk was the bigger threat... knowing full well that the entire world had united against them and now you!

and for record since your clearly not in the know... Wolves never betrayed UC they helped UC at every step of the alliance.... UC leadership went inactive 6+ weeks ago and the players that remained in charge voted and agreed to disband and move to our two greatest allies LS and Wolves. there is absolutely no bad blood there... they gave us all a new home and new mates to fight along side with... your ignorance is astonishing seeing you run a top 10 tribe.

also maybe we shouldn't insult hitler by comparing him to margol, i mean hitler was a terrible person but he did accomplish a lot

A great man once said what are deeds when history washes them away with the better deeds of better men!


@ babyjesus

I talked to a lot of UC members and about what happened with the slovenian team, you should remember we were allies with UC until jerbi went haywire and started attacking us and brought in ag02


1. ST are turtles on the front... there was always conflict there what were you told that couldn't clearly be seen in stats?
2. jerbi attacked your academy which you never informed anyone of by the way...
3. we never had an alliance we had a glorified NAP

one that we tried to restore but your shortsighted plans stopped that pretty quickly which have now failed as i told you they would....


Jeez! I only looked at this forum to find out what happened to junk and all I find is vitriolic back-biting and plain nastiness! A bit of banter and a few snide comments is one thing, but this is well out of order. Junk have gone so now just get on and enjoy playing the GAME, in whatever manner you feel is right for you.


@ babujesus

It is widely believed that wolves colaborating with ST conned UC into attack ST to destroy all of UC offensive troops to stunt their growth. That is the reason we did not side with wolves

Jerbi was told to stop attacking our academy and barb munching in our area- he refused

You are correct, I believe UC would have too unorganized to have any sort of alliance, and I almost feel bad for jerbi now, he may not have even known there was a "glorified NAP" between UC and FA

But that is the past you hold a grudge and that is fine, what difference would it had made if we kept attacking junk? perhaps we would be in a worse position then we are now and wolves would be stronger... in a much better position to eat pwn... and we all know that this tribal hug is going to end soon, I mean you have to fight someone ;)


Again you show how little you know about whats going on around you mate... lol.

UC never actually did any major ops against ST Wolves had internal issues that they no longer have and called off the OP only local players were fighting it out. Then junk became the priority... but nice try...

I too feel bad for Jerbi as i actually know him... his activity and lack communication is why he is out of the tribe and didn't come with us... and the NAP was only between FA and UC not FA's academy which you never informed anyone of till attacks happened. I also know for fact that jerbi didn't attack FA till your players attacked him for attacking a friend of theirs in you academy tribe... I know this cause i sat him during the entire thing.

again your knowledge is lacking either your incompetence is showing again or you are just lying on externals to stop the flood of mail im getting from your tribe mates looking to bail...

I dont think i would call it a grudge more cleaning the north of those that were to cowardly to stand and fight Junk... i told you guys then your either with us or against us and you made your choice... the wrong one i might add... you backed the wrong horse their mate.
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LOL you are calling me a coward, go look at your stats you have never taken a village that wasn't an internal or barb. I have taken junk villages. And not from a junkie that went inactive. How many people in wolves can say that?

And forward me a mail from anyone who wants to join you, I have trouble believing that. And if it is true than why haven't any of them bailed on us yet and joined you guys?

And if you were sitting jerbi maybe that was why it was so easy to take all his villages and never had a single train sniped... or a single nuke backtimed


Hahahhaa about what you talking there Jay? I think are enought Wolves who can say they have 1 JUNk villa or more. And you think we recruit your members ? Ahahah i don't need them i know you try learn these players how to play...hard work but you have my respect with that....

Jerbi don't have any sit from Wolves or Lycans !


You are correct I was forgetting about trbsman, he was active and you guys did a great job on him.
But I grow tired of hearing about my cowardice when we were fighting 5 tribes vs 1 and I had over 1k incoming at all times for two months while everyone was munching barbs and refusing to help us fight junK.

and I am guessing you don't know about baby Jesus 2nd attempt to mass recruit my mates
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There seem to have been a number of large changes since i left the world, I guess now is as good a time as any to come back and play again.

For those of you who were enjoying the free villages from my account, I am sorry to disappoint you but they will no longer be leaving and quitting while you are ahead would be the smart option.