Funny mails


funny mail

Pls Cry invites you to the tribe Death And Glory (disbanded)

LOL nothing like getting invited to a tribe that doesnt exist......


This was sent to one of my tribemates after they organized an op to mop up DOW:
King Tvrko today at 20:52
hey mate how about peace... if you accept peace ill send you clay, wood and iron...

In case you missed it: His big mistake was to not offer cookies, hugs and chilled beverages as well.

Little does he know he was so close to bribing us to peace... We would have done it for the cookies.



KaozFighter on 27.09. at 16:32
How much pts are required to join [ally]PERV[/ally]?

Old School Perv on 27.09. at 16:39
A lot more then you have

KaozFighter on 27.09. at 16:41
Yea I probably knew that you were going to say that. But can you give me a exact #?

Old School Perv on 27.09. at 16:46
close to average points of my tribe

KaozFighter on 29.09. at 20:32
Can I join since you let people below the points join

Old School Perv on 29.09. at 22:56
Can you stand on one foot jump up an dwn rub your belly an tap your head while spinning

KaozFighter on 29.09. at 23:46
Yes why?

Old School Perv today at 00:00
Than I want to see you on youtube showing you can do it
If you do that then I will invite you

KaozFighter today at 00:06
that would be stupid if i did it on youtube. What if i noble a village? And get 7k pts?

Old School Perv today at 00:08
That does not prove that you can do all that stuff

Its all about viral videos man
If you go viral you made it to the top


dude i will upload that on youtube not for an invite or anything just to show off my mad skills ill post a link in a day or two lol


so it's been 4 days. i think he worked out he couldn't do it


youtube video

Man I Was hoping to see the youtube


still want to see the video

Lol offer him milk, cookies, a hug and warm beverages for the video.lmao.

Thats funny


We should show them ours.. Too Bad it's too big :p

hahaha, i forgot about that xD I also forgot to reply to you xD wait.....did i? Maybe i should show SOME of our messages xD The real dumb ones :p

BTW, what you said sounds WRONG xDDDDD


LOL, Aleeex, such a PERV.....

Any new funny mails yet?.......

I guess I should start playing a world and I might have more to post about on the forums. I want some more mail.. so come on people and post.


ahah good two meanings eh :p?

And It would really be too big, but its Absolutly Awesome, also e2, we started it off with the betty botter xD

Anyway, I dunno, have you? I imagine you have, or have you?


xD Here are some things from me and alex :p

Aleeex on 19.08. at 18:50
Betty Botter had some butter,
"But," she said, "this butter's bitter.
If I bake this bitter butter,
It would make my batter bitter.
But a bit of better butter,
That would make my batter better."
So she bought a bit of butter –
Better than her bitter butter –
And she baked it in her batter;
And the batter was not bitter.
So 'twas better Betty Botter
Bought a bit of better butter.

Lopinoman on 19.08. at 19:27
*clap* *clap* *clap*

Want a cookie

Aleeex on 19.08. at 19:28
Please :)

Lopinoman on 19.08. at 19:32
I just ran out :'[ Let me get some better butter to replace my bitter butter that betty bought for beth who gave it to me. But betty was a whore and put rat posion in it so that butter was bitter and i have foam coming out my mouth

Aleeex on 19.08. at 19:47

Lopinoman on 19.08. at 19:49
:D Its ok, ill cut my heart out and put it in my cookies just for you

Aleeex on 19.08. at 19:56
:D, I don't like blood so leave that out xD

Lopinoman on 19.08. at 19:58
xD uh huh so i found your sensitive spot :D

So did you message me to just send me that nice message?

Aleeex on 19.08. at 20:00
Yeah :D, Did you like it?

Lopinoman on 19.08. at 20:14
Yea, i had to read it twice. I liked it so much im going to post it on my wall in 1 month if im still alive xD

Aleeex on 19.08. at 20:15
:p. I Expect my Paymentt of Love Cookies in a month then :D

Lopinoman on 19.08. at 20:17
:0 but im just a poor baker. You expenses are to much. Your fired. or i quite?

Aleeex on 19.08. at 20:17
:(!! I'll Take Half a Cookie?

Lopinoman on 19.08. at 20:19
Hmmmm. Deal. Half cookie.

i make cookies so big that half cookie will crush you

Aleeex on 19.08. at 20:20
:D! Will it be epic?

Lopinoman on 19.08. at 20:24
Yupp, will be like that big wheel that they have at fairs.

Aleeex on 19.08. at 20:25
There Small Dude, Come on, Half a Cookie of that size?!?!?

Lopinoman on 19.08. at 20:27
:0 I ment the size of the moon!!!!!!! its gonna be a moon cookie. Ill get santa's workers to help me build it. (after i take over the north pole and take over santa's shop where ill charge for each toy)

xD Then yesterday i get this.......

Aleeex on 13.10. at 17:44
erm, p.s.s.s -

Aleeexon 19.08. at 20:15

:p. I Expect my Paymentt of Love Cookies in a month then :D

Lopinomanon 19.08. at 20:14

Yea, i had to read it twice. I liked it so much im going to post it on my wall in 1 month if im still alive xD

You sir, owe me love cookie's ;)

Thats all for now Folks! maybe ill share some more messages between us ^__^ Until then, don't die ;]


xD yea, thats not even half of it lol....My baron called us freaks after he saw the messages lol