Funny mails


ps2guy1 today at 10:38
Hello good sir, if you are reading this now the first thing you want to do is sit down and stay calm. Yes, stay calm. That means DON'T PANIC!

This is a simple instruction yet it is easily forgotten amidst the many going ons of our life, i will however bring it upon myself to repeat this instruction throughout this mail.


Ahh, there it is. Now that I am confident that you won't forget this (let's be serious here, a monkey with a screwdriver for a brain would be able to follow it) I am able to continue with my ever so awesome mail.


On to business. I started this world with great hopes of barb nobling and mass recruiting! I had a dream, a glorious one where we could all live in a world of endless barbs where everyone could hug with no judgments made. However this was not the case and you had the unfortunate luck to have started this world so close to me.


You must keep in mind that not only do I know a thing or two about this game (well it's actually more like three things) but I actually know how to apply them and I'd hate for you to suffer the consequences of not restarting.


Oh, did I forget to mention that? Yeah you're gonna have to restart, but don't worry! It's only the first day! And statistics show that people who don't experience my massive spear nukes first hand are 25% more likely to survive their first month in a new world!


In short, you're going to have to restart if you don't wish to be scarred for life, you see my spear fighters are really quite indecent, rude if I may.


If you want to relate this to anything, relate it to shaving a headless two-headed llama. You wouldn't shave it without your trustee monkey henchmen nearby would you? Just as you wouldn't start a new Tribal Wars world without restarting before the might of the Spam King!


I don't know if that made sense but it should have, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to mail me back (as long as you aren't panicking) and don't forget to restart! Preferably on the other side of the world.


Thank you for your time and once again don't forget to restart as the only alternative is to mass recruit you into my tribe.


If you do not know what restarting is or are scared to go look for it never fear! The Spam King is here! Click this link and enter your secret combination of letters numbers and/or symbols (aka the password) and BAM! You're all set to go.


Happy Spamming,
Spam King

Soulfood today at 11:15
Hello again good sir, i would like to return you with a piece of advice. Just so you know what's right ahead of you, i'd ask of you to comfy yourself around two pillows, get a coffee and slip into a PJ. What you will witness in a moment will probably startle you, so i ask of you to DON'T PANIC!. Yes that's right, DON'T PANIC!.

So, first comes first, your mails are getting spread here like a bushfire in amazonas.

DON'T PANIC! though.

Im sure the firefighters will be able to control it sooner or later.

sure enough, DON'T PANIC!

So anyways, my only alternative is to get reqruited into this tribe, or get attacked huh? By two guys with a total of 600 points? Sounds like your desperate to get new members than trying to get me to restart.


Ive played this game for quite somewhile now, and even though i know you can't noble me just yet, and that all you can do is attacking me while ive put all my resources on either troop production or on buildings, while i keep dodging your attack, i'd say i'd last for awhile. And while you keep attacking me, you lose valuble troops and time to get only drops of resources in returt, aka. resulting in me powering ahead of you, i'd say that i should be the one telling YOU to restart.


Anyhow, i guess your tribe can be better and your tribe overall is rated pretty good. Although you ain't changing the score that much(neither would i), i'd say that i would have better chances in your tribe than i would in mine.


I guess what im trying to say is that... After careful consideration, i might join your tribe. Now getting an invitation from you is like asking for your mom to get off me, aka. its never going to happen.

DON'T PANIC!, meaning stay calm! I haven't finished just yet.

I'll take my chances and we'll see what happens :) Until then, DON'T PANIC!, stay calm and...

Happy tribalwars :)

The nerve of some people!


ps2guy1 today at 10:38

(Don't Panic mail, same as before)
Happy Spamming,
Spam King

Ryuzakii today at 12:42
Ok, I tried to stay calm, but now I really scared, what I need to do?? I really need to restart? :(

ps2guy1 today at 12:52
In time you will have no other choice.

Ryuzakii today at 13:41
How do I restart?

ps2guy1 today at 13:42

Ryuzakii today at 13:43
But I love my account :(

ps2guy1 today at 13:43
It's in your best interest, I believe.

Ryuzakii today at 13:45
I don't want to restar, sorry, I can't do it.

ps2guy1 today at 13:49
your call

Ryuzakii today at 15:06
Show me what you can do.

Ryuzakii today at 17:35
Hehe, just kidding, I'll restart my account :X

ps2guy1 today at 18:45
Now please.

His tribemates however...


Aw c'mon, I feel really sorry for that guy :( You should told him it was a joke... >.>


The your light is flashing...

Your ligh is flashing:eek::eek:
cintronj91 on 24.08. at 19:08
you seem like a funny guy bud :p, your tribe members didnt seem to be active so i didnt think you'd mind if you want we can be ALLIES. :) together we can dominate this side of the and my tribe are going to be very active and i got friends in high places,id love to be your ALLY or have a NAP if you prefer. thanks jon

dipirona on 24.08. at 20:25
How do i do to make a ally with your tribe?

cintronj91 on 24.08. at 20:55
k bud well take this side by storm :)

dipirona today at 00:23
where do i click to get your ally?

cintronj91 today at 01:04
ok bud , you click on tribe then go to the Wars tab.then click accept peace offering,then go to Diplomacy and type in ~war and select allies :)

dipirona today at 01:34
hmmm... let me see

Now u're red to me in the map.
Its correct?

cintronj91 today at 01:37
no bud that means im your enemy still i sent you a peace offering but you rejected it.go to Diplomacy and click allies and put my clan tag in it ~war

cintronj91 today at 01:39
under Diplomacy you should see my clan click Terminate.then re-add me under Add Relationship. then type in my clan tag and click on allies options and ok :)

dipirona today at 01:42
i did it!
Now your light is flashing to me in many collors

What you did?

cintronj91 today at 01:44
LOL i should be a light blue color,did you put me under ally?

cintronj91 today at 01:46
go in tribe,click on Wars its next to Diplomacy and then click Offer Peace. then colors should stop flashing

dipirona today at 01:47
The point is now changing the collor, from yellow to blue and after to red and purple.
What it means?

dipirona today at 01:48
I'll attack you to test if it stops. ok?

cintronj91 today at 02:13
lol it doesnt work that off the attacks.

cintronj91 today at 02:15
you have to wait 24 hours before we can be at peace because you DENIED my peace offering when i send the next one Accept it.and i hope your not sending alot of soldiers cuz you can consider them dead.

dipirona today at 03:11
but i'll just try.
do you think 400 axemens are enough?

dipirona today at 03:13
i was sent just a feel, because i need my lc to farm.
Now your light is becaming black... what do it means?
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LOL I hope you were kidding :D That person musta been so confused :p


I was so intrigued when he started spamming me again!... But he's not showing me any love.

Rayne10 on 25.08. at 09:20

Ibutho on 25.08. at 10:07

Rayne10 on 25.08. at 10:10
come here

Ibutho on 25.08. at 10:14
Where? There?

Rayne10 on 25.08. at 10:15
in mi tribe

Ibutho on 25.08. at 10:16
Where is your tribe?

Rayne10 on 25.08. at 10:16

Ibutho on 25.08. at 10:17
Wait, what happened to ARMADA?

Rayne10 on 25.08. at 10:18
armada = LYCANS

Ibutho on 25.08. at 10:22
I like your name, though. It sounds like "cats," which you like, if I recall correctly.

Rayne10 on 25.08. at 10:27
come here

Ibutho on 25.08. at 10:36
Now, in your tribal profile, it says that you won 37 wars...

Is that true? That's an awful lot of wars for someone as simple-minded as you to win...

Author said:
A new hero Rayne10 fought from the beginning to create this trib.

Are YOU the hero? The real hero? Is it you? I am honored.

Rayne10 on 25.08. at 10:36
i;m a hero of my tribe

Ibutho on 25.08. at 10:39
So what exactly are the benefits of being in your tribe?

Also, can you please explain the mating habits of the North Vietnamese Mongoose Falcon?

Ibutho on 25.08. at 10:54
Let's stick with: What are the benefits of being in ARMAD...I mean...lycans?

We'll get to mating habits later.

Ibutho on 25.08. at 10:54
Sorry, I'm not hitting on you. That came across wrong.

So - your tribe!?

Ibutho today at 18:11



That rayne is just too pro LOL
check out his tribe's profile:
Beginning a new era.
It all started one day at 9:14 Date 14 Iulie.2011 Iulie.La. A new hero Rayne10 fought from the beginning to create this trib.Am had some difficult times with "wars" but I treut with brio.Tribul Rayne10 was founded.


War Summary
Wars won: 37
Wars lost: 0


Along with the Freaks , 15:42 , Insane, IMMO , R.I.P , PERV , Ticket , TBS , OA , NoName


I feel left out...somehow he didn't mention P7, but R.I.P.? Huh? :)

I LOVE the tribal profile, which is why I HAD to ask him about it in the messages.

Also, ASCII art = Instant Pro. Duh.


I fell left out, he hasnt sent me a recruitment mail.... maybe im too far from him... oh well :(


well..if you join world 5 i think you`ll se again that .."hy..come here:)"