Funny mails


Here's one!

Aleeextoday at 08:46
No, I'm being Serious!
basharxblasttoday at 08:44
oh so you think you're funny?

Aleeextoday at 07:31
I didn't give them enough Cheese, they don't wanna go.

basharxblasttoday at 07:13
WTH are you talking about?

Aleeextoday at 06:19
i tried, but my troops got tired.

basharxblasttoday at 06:18
help me

Aleeexon 23.10. at 08:57

basharxblaston 22.10. at 16:58
center map:

basharxblaston 22.10. at 16:53
please send me support troops, i'm being attacked with noblemen if i survive i'll send you the same amount of your troops back and i'll return the favor when you need help, or if you can attack him to distract him and give me more time to make defenses or take his village
his name is: timoboll 3 village name: ::001::Bergheim
his points: 3014
his tribe: burnt
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