Ladies and gentlemen the greatest war that will have happened up to date on us13 is going on as you read.


Im excited as well as you but lets get away from the rams, nobles, and cav for the time being a take a look inside the minds of two leaders butting heads.

My interview with Sweeney

Sweeney today at 16:08
1. Do you have any regrets about the alliance break?

I would like to point out that there was no "alliance break". We didn't break our alliance with LDE, we dropped it. Breaking it would mean that we did not honour the initial agreement - which was a 5 day notice. However, we have done so. As I am sure you are aware, LDE members were mailed by me this morning with such notice.

Of course, as with most alliances, we had some disputes. Mainly over territory. But I wouldn't go so far as to say I regret how anything was handled.

2. What makes you think your going to win the war?

Our members are more experienced, active and loyal to their tribe.

3. Do you have any words for margol?

Why so serious?

4. What do you think will be key factors for you tribe in this war?

This war is bound to be a long one. Keeping up with OPs and actively attacking will be key factors. We will have to ensure that we keep on our toes.

Anticipation and preparation are always key factors. These will be especially so here. By that I mean, anticipating other tribes to enter the war on LDE's side. I am hoping that they do, I wouldn't want our preparation to go to waste ;)

5. Be honest, do you think this will be one of the greatest challenges your tribe will face on this world?

I believe so. I definitely hope so. As I outlined in my thread (http://forum.tribalwars.us/showthread.php?6415-Caught-by-the-JUNK), we want to earn the win. We want to be challenged.

So far on this world, our biggest challenge was the 'Coalition of Justice', with 404 included. But we still pulled through with ease.

I hope I have answered your questions appropriately.

My kind regards,
- Sweeney

He carefully corrected me on mentioning the "break" of an alliance based on what has happened JUNK has been the more loyal when it comes to their allies. He has the numbers, he has the players and more then likely the skill and troops to pull off his greatest W in this world so far.

My interview with margol

Margol today at 16:31
1. Yes, I have one question directed to Sweeney, if you were going to break an alliance why not just tell us, rather than doing all your rubbish trying to stay cool.

2. My members and friends who motivated me all this time, i don't stress. we win or lose, JUNK will not have a easy run.

3. Yes, i do have some words for Sweeney, those who fight with an axe, die by an axe.

4. Key factors? Well, as long as my plan works out LDE will have no problems with JUNK.

5. No, i personally believe Legend/Rawr would have been the biggest challenge, simply because if it wasn't for LDE, JUNK would not be in the position they are right now, they know it, we know it.

Anyway, i will add in something from myself, hate me or love me, i will destroy you.

Im no instigator but number 5 raised my eyebrow slightly high legend/Rawr will be their biggest challange? Does this mean they are not allies? And do they plan on going to war at a later date? Question 1 contradicts sweeneys question 1 so who will it be?
margol appears to be the man with the plan and brains to back it up. Can margol pull off this serious underdog win?

Two great leaders 10 great answers and a great war to watch in the next few days

stay tuned for more information as I will return to them with more questions in a week to find out how the war is going. Also interviews with tribe number 3, 4 and 5!


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I'd like to point out that Margol's answer to question 1 is incorrect. LDE members received a mail from me this morning, detailing notice and reasons for this war. I am sure that any LDE member will confirm this.


I'd like to point out that Margol's answer to question 1 is incorrect. LDE members received a mail from me this morning, detailing notice and reasons for this war. I am sure that any LDE member will confirm this.

Do you suppose we could catch a sneaky peak at this circular mail?


Margol acts like he has some golden plan but most likely few to no other tribes will back him, which judging by his mass begging is his only plan. If you look at the map the core of LDE is surrounded by JUNK as well, meaning even if other tribes chipped in JUNK would not be overwhelmed in any areas. JUNK not only has the size but the positioning to make this real quick of a war if they play their cards right.


Katunaka, I would like to point out I think this is a fun, nifty way to kind of stir up some jazz about the war and provide some entertainment as well as information. If I were you I would start talking to some of the key players that will be in the war (players on the borders, co-dukes, etc) That might add a fun touch as well. And I am always here on the Perfect Theory account if you would like to interview me!


might be a good Idea to update your original post with the war stats as well once the fighting starts.


might be a good Idea to update your original post with the war stats as well once the fighting starts.

Already planned that =) I was going to do it every 3 days. As for koala i sent you a PM


A following interview with the player from LDE masekrut555 has spoken out!!!

masekrut555 today at 17:27
1) my will? this world is boring since the first 1-2 month of start passed
2) sweeney prepared junk before, also he probably spread some rumors to other tribes as well, and as we know - lonely lde won't be able to win against junk. Generally the winner will be me, cuz if I'll be attacked my dad will go to police and the whole junk will be banned for murdering a kid!
3) after war? huh im see myself on 8 another world in the moment :D after war maybe +1, +2 worlds haha^^
4) My slaves&PAs&friends
from the very beginning underestimated by the lde&junk forces, hidden in the dark :) eventually barbs that left after my multi that has been banned permamently haha^^

5) That's my first .us server, I'm not interested in it at all. Just test. w14 also testing with another settings.
katunaka today at 17:19
Im interviewing JUNK and LDE players who i believe will be the most effected by the war.

1) who do you think will be your biggest challenge during the war?

2) Who do you believe will win the war?

3) Where do you see yourself after the war?

4) Who do you think will be the biggest contributors for LDE?

It appears he has some strings he is able to pull that goes beyond the game itself. This could be a deadly weapon if in fact it is real. He appears to be so relaxed and calm about the war!


Thanks for the Idea I will do that. I have organized interviews with the leaders of the other top 3 tribes to see what they think. Ok so a few questions for you.

1) What player do you think will be the biggest asset for your tribe?
Mokdad for sure. Guy is Jesus on a computer. Will be tough to beat him down. Only other time I have seen a player so ahead of the game was us11 with the player named TW ERROR BITE ME

2) which player do you think will be the biggest challenge regarding your tribe and you as a whole?
Definitely Gamble. Heard a lot of good things about him. I am particularly honored to be up against him, and I can't wait to see what kind of moves he pulls out on us

3) Where do you think you will stand after the war?
On top of Margol's old villages. Regathering ourselves and pressing on to win the world. May seem a bit cocky, but I do not think that LDE can beat us unless they have some serious organization against us with the rest of the world

4) When you found out the news that war had been declared between LDE and JUNK what did you think?
We have not declared war with anyone, neither have they. We have simply dropped the alliance due to Margol being a twat-asaurus rex

5) Do you think you could give us your in game name? So i can keep an eye on your progress?
Of course, Perfect Theory
You will not be seeing much of us to be honest. We are not near the action unlike Mokdad, Get, and some others. They will be having the most fun.

On a side note, thanks for the interview. Your making me feel all flattered and cheeky inside. I gotta stop and look away from the computer screen to make sure this isnt WW3 or the Super Bowl or something important

Perfect theory has answered with perfect answers, Not only does he clearly state he believes JUNK will win he also found a new species of dinosaur right here on world 13!! Ladies and gentle men interview from JUNK's very own perfect theory


Garrison52 today at 17:31
Whether or not that's the case I do not feel up to giving any answers bc everyone will see them in a few days whichever way everyone goes in the war.

After much attempts of getting a interview with RAWR my efforts came up empty but i did manage to get this! Now I'm no amazing player or anything but this does look like clarification that RAWR will be entering this war? Are Margols plans real? What does this mean for JUNK?

Also please add to my reputation!!! I will be doing all the wars in this world with interviews and Live feeds!!


Katunaka, I would like to point out that my opinions do not concern the rest of the Perfect Theory account, just mine. Alec is the real player, I am his co


Katunaka, I would like to point out that my opinions do not concern the rest of the Perfect Theory account, just mine. Alec is the real player, I am his co

Noted thank you for pointing that out and i appologize


Hey Katunaka, I give you credit this is actually very nice forum and set up. Now I will yell at Fireramen for you.

By the way, as repeatedly stated, we have a 5 day notice/waiting period before we can start the fun. Thus, you should not see much activity unless LDE decides to not honor that 5 days.

Again, very good forum. Thank You.

Darn I have been in a good mood all day today!


Thanks Itrollnubs I felt i had to make up for the last dreadful one I created =) first time doing this.

Right here I have another interview and some last minuet details From morgal!! (very intresting)

katunaka: How much of an impact do you believe you'll be in this war?

Annonymous: Depends, minimal I suspect, but it depends on how far RAWR and UTG are willing Margol to lead them down a blind ally. If they get lead blindly, I could see the account as a major part of the war, and actually being a focal point.

katunaka: Thats intresting have you seen my newest post on the thread? Maybe that could answear your question. Which tribe will be your biggest challange? And what player from that tribe?

Annonymous: Yes I have. There is still so much that could happen, if there is a coalition, like is being mooted then I will say personally, UTG or GEM. Player-wise, Kritije is barbing anything, and everything also (anonymous B) has a stronghold to our east. On balance Kritije if he attacks, because of the sheer density of his villas. It creates a formidable stronghold.

katunka: If LDE went to war and pulled in RAWR with them do you think JUNK will still win this war?

Annonymous: Yes. Margol is not capable enough to lead a war like that. His scheming under-hand ways would break apart the coalition before it is truly off the ground. Anyway, if they did start getting anywhere, in the end Margol would declare on them.

katunaka: Do you think margols tribe LDE will last to the end of the war, or do you think everyone will leave before then?

annonymous: If the members of LDE had any sense, they would leave now.

katunaka: Can I qoute everything on here on the forums?

Again it was my choice to keep this player anonymous, I will respect both tribes privacy and secrecy in this matter.


Upon messaging Margol

Margol today at 18:05
This info won't be posted until we see JUNK trying to hide the truth. The reason LDE dropped alliance on JUNK was of planing on LDE. Your doing a fine a job.
katunaka today at 18:04
Which circular mail are you talking about? So i know what to post on the forums lol i want this info
Margol today at 18:02
If the circular mail gets posted, I will make sure mine is posted as well. Let me know. And I will give you info no one knew. LDE have a funny OP planned :)

Well that got interesting real quick! Is JUNK hiding something? Or will Margol's reputation stick to his words again? If anyone from JUNK or LDE would like to forward me these circular messages anonymously please do! Im sure everyone including myself would love to see!!
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It seems JUNK has decided to see if LEGEND is an easier target over fighting LDE! ONE thing I do know don't fight on to many fronts it will kill you
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I didn't get an interview :( sad day when did Koala boy get more popular


Katunaka, I would like to point out that my opinions do not concern the rest of the Perfect Theory account, just mine. Alec is the real player, I am his co

Ohh god who let koala out of his cage, quick get the emergency eucalyptus!


Good morning all you tribalwars nerd out their! Welcome back I hope everyone is staying warm. Today An interview with one of JUNK's elite dukes, Bossman07!!! Here is what he has to say!

1) What do you think the silent treatment from LDE means?

- There are two possibilities, first they are either using this time to rally and give us the best fight W13 has ever seen. Or two internal chaos but we wont really know until that faithful day.

2) How big of a factor do you think you will be in this war?

-Honestly not much more than any other member in our tribe, we have a solid team Ive personally worked with a few of them on my end of the world I'm just hoping for a good fight.

3) In what state do you see your self after the war?

-Personally I see myself getting a little bigger

4) Do you think margol has the plan in place that he talked about in his interview?

-Despite everything said on the externals about Margol I know hes a capable player and very sly, I mean LDE probably wouldn't be in the position they are in today if it wasn't for some of his decisions... But as for that so called plan it will have to be a 50/50. One he claims to have known about our inner workings but then sends out a Mail to gather help to take on Junk, that shows to be "reactive" rather then "proactive" but we will see.

5) Pick on player from each tribe you think will be a major asset to the war.

-I will say gamble from LDE hes shown his skill taking on NR during the start of this world and now a top account on W13. From my tribe I wouldn't be able to pick as there are multiple and choosing one as a "major asset" would be tough.

6) please add anything else that you want to add.

-Margol from one duke to another I wish you and your tribe the best of luck, your tribe surly earned your title as a "world power" and we at Junk are looking forward for a great fight.


Bossman07 showing much respect and looking forward to a good fight. He respects his opponent and does not underestimate him. So people we have a count down! 4 more days till the curtains are drawn! The sly margol of LDE and the chivalrous Bossman07 from JUNK.

If I may add I do belive the dead line is more to enjoy the superbowl then it is to get ready... Go BRONCOS

I will quote you on this so if you have anything you want blank please say so
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BEHOLD!!!! The silence has been broken! Here I have General Jonny who did not hesitate to say what he was thinking exactly. LDE has finally spoken, will more follow? Lets hope

My questions I asked him

katunaka today at 01:30
Like I stated in the title i would love to ask some questions on this war? You can be annonymous if you would like. Anything you want will be done, Just know any question, Which may be revised, will be brought to the external public for all to see.

1) Where do you think you will be after the war?

2) Do you think LDE can pull off this major underdog win?

3) What do you think of margol, you leader?

4) How big an asset do you believe you will be in this war?

5) Name one player from each tribe you think will be the biggest asset in this war?

general jonny today at 01:56
1) either gone, in junk or massive.

2) it is possible but we need the world to stack us bug time

3) We don't see eye to eye.

4) we are going to be right in the middle of this war and probably either get wiped first or I'm gonna be the one who gets stacked the most.

5) the leaders of every tribe, we just need them to get everyone to help otherwise junk have won the war and that's that, game over

He thinks its a long shot but he knows with the help of the world they can pull off a miracle and beat JUNK! Or will that even not be enough? Lets hope for LDE and the sake of a good war that Margols plans all fall into perfect place!

Also a quote from LDE's TyrionBlue

TyrionBlue today at 02:03
Interesting... This war will prove to be intense. Some will fall, some will rise out of the ashes. Spies will be revealed, loyalties tried, troops lost, and villages conquer. In the end will be something no one predicted. I can guarantee you that.

He speaks nothing but the truth but in the end their can only be one winner!!!

Please add to my rep and come back to read more!
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