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War declaration by NL3, declaring war to NDH. War started 3rd of January 2016 10:10:57

The tribe is now at war with No Life Low Lifes!

War name: Low Lives bringing some drama here.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. One tribe cut from friendship and war, another from mergers and necessity.

NL3, emerging from the south, set the standards for expansion, quickly emerging as the #1 tribe in the world. They expanded through war, targeting the strongest opponent nearby. First, it was CUTE (then ranked #2). Then it was S.C.O and the JLA family (ranked 3, 7, 9, 11). Then Turtle (ranked 4). They emerged from these battles unscathed, having lost only one village to recap. NL3 made few friends, having only "enemies" for diplomatic relations. This was a run few in TW had ever seen.

NDH tried to keep up. They did their best. They captured some villages, but it became clear that wasn't going to be enough. They began consolidating with other good tribes in their area (ESCR and Tribal). Even then, they couldn't reach the peak. Safety in numbers, they decided, as they recruited a family tribe. Almost, they thought. If only they had a good ally so that they could have the upper hand in the fight. One other large tribe showed promise, so they made them allies.

It was a decent strategy, but fear still pervaded their thoughts. They weren't ready for a war with the bloodthirsty NL3. They reached out for diplomacy. An agreement was reached, but NDH, ironically, had to much internal drama to keep it. Multiple NDH members cast the agreement aside, ignoring it.

NDH reached out again. Maybe they won't destroy us and we can have another agreement. "What about if we both fight No Way?" they said. "A common enemy will bring us together, and then we can have a gentleman's war or merge for victory."

NL3 laughed. After one broken agreement, why would we trust another? After having an alliance with No Way and bringing them to us as a common war enemy, why would we consider it?

No, we will do what we do. We fight. We take the biggest tribe and exert dominance. We win.

Good Luck,



Looks like this world is gonna be fun.

Wish NL3 best of luck!


That was the longest war declaration I've ever read. Got some past world mates in both tribes, may the best group win, and not merge like half the other world's end.


Eh past world friends, past world enemies and maybe a couple not quite decided.

Not sure about drama but I am curious to see how it develops.


Let's see if game play from either side has changed :) Good luck and happy hunting by all.


Let's just hope it ends with an actual war and not just a couple caps and a merge.


The US forums are not active enough in my opinion to spend time making a complete war declaration, specially not this world. Maybe if the server gets more active in the future. This is again my opinion, I am sure others will still do them with pictures to your liking Knight!

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good luck to both sides.may the best tribe to win with noblemen,not with recruitments:))


I wrote a book and you want pictures!? lol jk. I agree, I miss those days too, but it's so much more work...
They are a ton of work but make the forums start to sing :)

Now give me some stats!! :noblemen:


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Damn,is this the first war thread on a world this old?.us is getting kinda inactive.
Nice declaration though,I enjoyed reading it.


First war claim in the forums, I am sure they have been small skirmishes ingame. I am not on W22 but if you look at the warstats in the ranks it will show whos done what when it comes to wars.

As for US server becoming inactive. It is no more inactive then W21 was or W20 was. It's not grown much ether at the same time but I wouldn't say it is getting more inactive. As far as forums go. US server has never really been that active. I have been here since W1. It was decently active for the first 3 worlds, and worlds 13 and 14. But been pretty inactive since then.

US server will never be all that active, just not enough players who play Tribalwars in the US compared to other counties. The ones that do mainly stick to .net for of a challenge. US server is largely based of players who don't have enough time to play .net anymore or new players. (My opinion, and perspective)

~ Jimmy


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I've been on .us for a while and you are right,the activity level dropped a lot in the last worlds.Though us was a nice server at one point and active,the forums were full of people until world 8 came out.


It can get back to that activity level, just needs a little bit of help from the players to bring new players here and teach them about how the forums work. The forums are good for learning if you are new, and makes the worlds more exciting when the forums are used properly.

I learned to play this game more from reading stuff on the forums then actually playing the game itself.


Guess I will have to post them myself

Side 1:
Tribes: NL³
Side 2:
Tribes: NDH

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers:

Side 1: 47
Side 2: 74
Difference: 27


Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 15
Side 2: 6
Difference: 9


Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 200,078
Side 2: 309,187
Difference: 109,109


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 92,940
Side 2: 40,035
Difference: 52,905



Guess I will have to post them myself

Thanks for that! It is now at 21:8. 100% of the NDH caps are re-caps. 100% of NL3 caps were NDH villages at the start of the war.

NDH has "nobled more villages" in general, but that statement is somewhat misleading. You might assume their tribe is healthier or growing more rapidly than ours. I do that think that is true for the following reasons:

1. It's my understanding that NDH received many Weedz villages for free during this time. (I realize a few may have been taken by force, but roughly 50 villages were taken and OD only increased by 220k during that time).
2. NDH conquered many barbs during this time.
3. NDH internaled several villages.

Displayed in the chart below:
Weedz villagesPointsTotals
1. 496|4811998
2. 498|4782713
3. 492|4872725
4. 493|4778274
5. 491|4785234
6. 488|4847628
7. 487|4777870
8. 486|4843775
9. 488|4836056
10. 489|4842275
11. 496|4752845
12. 495|4857441
13. 489|4835516
14. 493|4712108
15. 492|5867073
16. 489|4812367
17. 490|4805265
18. 589|4795992
19. 485|4881581
TOTAL90,11819 villages
Barb CapturesPoints
TOTAL147808 villages
1. 487|4777870
2. 537|4994134
3. 510|5938776
TOTAL20,0803 villages
1. 547|4293997
2. 489|4835619
3. 553|4333105
4. 510|5938776
5. 518|5018389
Total29,8865 Villages
TOTAL #'s154,86335 Villages

I do not think that NDH will be able to replicate the gains in their first week from the Weedz villages. Particularly not without sizeable losses.

Removing internals, self-conquers, and weedz, we had a signficantly better week on the gain side.....and a way better week on the losses side ;). They are replacing the 8000 point villages we take from them with 100-1500 point barbs or caps from single-village players on the rim.

If you look at tribe growth graphs, you'll notice that they are stalling (decrease in growth over 5 days of the war) and we are growing at the same rate as always:



Either way, NDH has demonstrated more skill than I anticipated. We thought they would have 5-8 decent players. Now, I think it's probably more like 10-12. Some people, like Piast, are doing a decent job sniping--and I hadn't expected it.

This is going to be a good, long war.
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A nice summation Brock ... as I would expect.

However whoever declares a war necessarily has the initiative and would be expected to make early gains. What is more significant is how those gains compare to what would be expected. What will be interesting is to see what happens in the next round when NDH have a chance to respond.

Regarding Weedz villages many were taken by force. Some were not. An agreement was made, whether this was NDH being generous or merely conserving troops is something only know to those who were responsible for it. NL3 did something similar albeit with a single player and I choose to believe they were being generous.

So far NL3 (with the odd hiccup) have conducted the war in a way that I respect. I'm more than a little curious to see how things develop, I can see a number of possibilities.