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Astute observation there Sir...

Jarl it was a good idea to look at capture ratios and tribe actions, though your insight into the current diplomacy of the world seems to be that of an outsider. While numbers such as internals do not suggest the best activity of a tribe, it also means that the tribe is dealing with the issue versus not doing so (and if not you would only assume the lack of growth is minimal point wise). That being said, good post.


Elixir, thank you for the kind words

as for the diplomacy, my intention was to post "as an outsider" even though I am not and to try and give an "unbiased" as possible summary of the top ten. It seems in that aspect I was modestly successful. As for the internals, I like to look at those numbers because they often tell the focus of a tribe. Lots of barbs may indicate a hesitancy of the leadership/membership to look for wars, lots of internals indicates tribal activity issues. They are mentioned more as symptomatic issue, that could just be the merger of a few account, or an indication the tribe is rotting from the inside out. Since I just started this last week, I obviously need more time to see if the symptoms persist.

At the very least I got a few more people to post out here :)


When does everyone think Butter will double rank 2 in points? Personally I reckon about 10 days. Whoever is closest gets a cookie.


id say 15 days at your current rate

And you still playing this world Night?


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Great write up there Jarl. Seems you have a good insight. This world has never had a lot of interest especially with w13 coming out and w12 before that.

Nice to see a fresh person on the forums spreading new light onto it

Just because you failed in w11 doesn't mean it never had a lot of interest lol.


Time for the weekly update (guess this is kinda turning into a bit of a blog)

1 Ego! 8.560.726, Ego! despite the name change is still holding strong at #1. More selective recruitment has solidified Ego! placement at the top spot. At just under 100 village conquers this week, this team remains the fastest eaters of villages in the world.
2 Batali 5.371.381, Holding @ number #2, but for how long as they continue to lose the war against Decept. They have a nearly 180 village lead over Decept but in just the last week they were down 10-2 against their opponent. At that rate, they will fall to number 3 sometime in January. However, I predict that unless Batali turns around their war effort they might not be around as we know them past the Holidays.
3 Decept 4.142.366, a rock solid core in the center of the map, currently smart diplomacy has kept them out of a gang bang and allowed them to feast on the weakened and clueless NO IDEA and win (at least currently) the war against Batali. If they can fight to the rim before the gangbang comes they have a shot of winning against what would likely be an Ego! opponent.
4 TIP 4.086.488, This tribe has really failed to impress me. Nobles in the past week (like weeks before this) has been largely confined to small barbarians and internals. They might not have any real enemies out their, but they seem to be stuck in a holding pattern. Neither being fought or looking for a fight.
5 CM 3.630.940, These guys must have been bored this week, because they got busy nobeling the barbarians. 145 Caps, of which the VAST majority were 1.5k barbarians. Perhaps they were tired of farming?
6 Vital 2.823.664, The active remains of NO IDEA, hopefully their leadership will be more active than before.
7 END 2.037.848 meh
8 TAP 1.972.319 meh
9 TRBL 1.391.740 meh
10 Syn 942.478 meh


I think this thread needs to be renamed the top 3 tribes because anything below that is just crumbling with the pressure.

Not that anyone uses the forum anyway ;)